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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Capella University

PSY5260 Philosophical Foundations of Behaviorism

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Mentalistic and Behavioristic Statements Grid

Statements – Below are statements Jen has made. Determine if Jen’s statements are mentalistic or behavior analytic.

Mentalistic or behavior analytic

Explanation (and cite your source or course text here also for each cell)
(e.g. this statement uses an explanatory fiction by…(Cooper et al., 2020).

If mentalistic, provide an alternative behavioral statement

Jen says that Tom overeats to help him cope with bad days.

Jen says that when the dog food can is opened, Sparky runs to the kitchen.

Jen says that Khoi cries because he knows it will evoke sympathy.

Jen says that LaToya procrastinates because she gets stressed out by big tasks.

Jen says that Ari knows if he cheats on his test, he will be given a 0.

Jen says that Carla fell down, began crying, and screamed “my leg hurts”.

Behavior Analytic Approach vs. Other Fields of Psychology

[How does a behavior analytic approach differ from other fields of psychology?]

Problems with a Mentalistic Approach

[What is the problem with a behavior analyst using a mentalistic approach?]

Importance of a Behavior Analytic Approach in Practice

[Why is it important for a behavior analyst to use a behavior analytic approach and not use a mentalistic approach in their practice?]


[Sample reference, add your textbook here. Make sure you include an in-text citation in all the places it was used in the paper above]

Jones, S. A. (2015). Psychosocial textbook (4th ed.). Publisher.

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