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1. Top of Form Competency Identify key factors for asset management implementation. Student Success Criteria


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Identify key factors for asset management implementation.

Student Success Criteria

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As the new CIO of ENGAGE, a large multi-national data center you want to ensure that the company’s assets are properly accounted for and are classified accordingly. You instruct your staff to perform an asset audit to use as a baseline for future tracking.

In addition, you have reviewed the existing system architecture and want to align it with department requirements. You just received an email from your IT manager stating that the audit has been completed and would like to review it with you. Once reviewed you need to create an asset management report for the board members to review.

Your report must consist of at least 5 pages and cover the following:

Asset Information: Describe the purpose of categorizing critical asset information. Provide examples of which information system types fall into different information system categories. How does this control enhance the availability and authenticity of information?

System Architecture: Develop a planning matrix that ranks and prioritizes the critical elements of a system architecture based on requirements.

Audit: Provide an in-depth examination of the importance of implementing an IT Audit policy then provides specific examples of the outputs provided from auditing assets.


Create an 
Asset Management Report that includes the following:

· Title page

· Table of contents

· Critical asset categorization

· System architecture planning matrix

· Audit policy

Your report needs to be well thought out, organized in a sensible format, and written with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.



IT Audit: A Critical Business Process


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