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 1.  Typically, the idea is to have that traditional two parent home to provide the structure and all around support to their children. The children need

 1.  Typically, the idea is to have that traditional two parent home to provide the structure and all around support to their children. The children need that loving, caring, nurturing side from the mother and the authoritativeness,and structured side from their father. Both parents contribute to the comprehensive development of the child or children. Whether the child has both parents residing in the same household or not, they both have a responsibility to do their part in parenting and being supportive to the growth and development of the child. In an environment where couple relationships are conflicted or strained can definitely do harm to the child psychologically. Even if the child doesn’t physically see any domestic disputes or arguing, hear it is causing harm to the child as well. Not removing the child from these toxic situations can cause emotional stress, anxiety, and can cause children to acting out. Children exposed to that kind of environment can also begin to think its normal to have a relationship as such. It’s important to be mindful of what is exposed to your children. 


Do children need both a mother and a father figure? Yes. Without both parents in the household, or at least being involved and active in the child’s life can cause that child to feel void and empty. This in turn, can have negative effects on the child’s development and academic success (Wiley-Blackwell. 2010) When children have both parents in the home, it gives them a sense of belonging. Studies show on average, children who have both parents actively involved in their lives tend to have lesser problems with behavior, social interaction, and social achievements than children whose mother or father is not actively involved in their life. Children who do not have their father or mother in their life normally grow with low self-esteem and are more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs. Science shows that children raised by both parents will succeed in life. Children raised by one parent or an absent father struggle with abandonment issues, pain, fear, anger, and multiple mental health struggles (Wiley-Blackwell. 2010). When children are raised in a two-parent household where the relationship is conflicted and strained, this can cause the children social and academic problems and they do not know how to have a good relationship with those around them. Behavioral issues occur when parents conflict, and we find this is where the children always get in trouble or become anxious causing them to scream and shout. When children see conflict amongst their parents, they tend to think this is the way to handle situations and resolve issues because most of the time our tone is set by our experiences and what we grow up seeing. Children who are placed in the middle of parental conflicts and disputes are more likely to be angry, stressed, depressed, anxious, and can begin to have conflict with their own parents. When a child sees conflict between parents, this can create stress for the child, causing obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and other diseases goes up when a child lives in toxic stress (Wiley-Blackwell. 2010). 

Question: Is it better for the children if conflicting parents stay together or divorce? 

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