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200 word response due 5/17/2024 2a. Why is it incumbent on employers of cybersecurity personnel to vet prospective

200 word response due 5/17/2024

2a. Why is it incumbent on employers of cybersecurity personnel to vet prospective employees more thoroughly than in non-security positions?

Employers, in charge of hiring cybersecurity professionals are required to assess employees more than those in no security roles. This rigorous vetting process is crucial because cybersecurity personnel bear responsibility for safeguarding data and systems from cyber threats. The necessity for screening arises from factors such as the level of access these professionals have to information the potential for insider threats and the specific regulatory demands of the industry. Failing to conduct screening could lead to damage to the company’s reputation and legal complications. Therefore, implementing vetting procedures, like background checks, security clearances, and technical assessments is vital to ensure that cybersecurity staff possess the skills and ethical standards needed to manage cyber risks.

2b. To what extent should the workplace peruse applicants through social media sites? (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn). At what point is the prospective employer invading the privacy of an applicant?

Using media to assess job candidates brings up issues regarding privacy violations. Although it can offer a glimpse into an applicant’s history and character it also presents dangers of privacy violations and prejudices. To tackle this organizations should set up guidelines, for screening media notify candidates about the procedure, and verify that the collected information is pertinent to the position. Finding a ground between the advantages of social media screening and honoring privacy rights is essential, for ensuring recruitment practices.

2c. Define in your own words ongoing training and compare it with in-service training. Express a plan for ongoing and in-service training for the following stakeholders

· Board of Directors

Learning section: provide updates and interactive sessions covering new cybersecurity threats changes, regulations, and the organization’s cybersecurity stance.

Regarding Training while on duty: We will offer workshops focusing on cybersecurity governance frameworks and the board’s responsibility in managing cybersecurity risks.

· Senior Management

 Learning sessions: Executive-level training will be provided on planning, risk management, and how to respond to incidents effectively.

While on duty training: conduct exercises and simulations to evaluate how senior management handles cyber incidents and crises.

· Chief Information Security Officer (CISO):

Continuous learning opportunities: The CISO will attend cybersecurity conferences, workshops, and certification programs to keep abreast of trends and technologies.

While on duty training: Regular updates will be given on cybersecurity policies, procedures, and protocols for responding to incidents.

· IT Management (CIO, IT Director, etc.)

Continuous learning sessions: Training programs will cover IT governance, project management methodologies, and emerging technologies.

While on duty training; Technical workshops and practical training sessions will be conducted for implementing systems or software updates.

· Functional Area Management

Continuous learning tailored to areas focusing on cybersecurity awareness and best practices.

While, on-duty training; Targeted sessions will cover data protection regulations, compliance requirements and incident reporting procedures.

· Security Team Members

Continuous Learning; Stay updated with cybersecurity certifications. Attend technical workshops, for professional growth.

Training Sessions; Participate in exercises to improve the ability to detect and respond to incidents effectively.

· Employees within the Company

Keep Learning: Engage in cybersecurity training sessions focusing on recognizing phishing attempts maintaining passwords and practicing safe internet browsing habits.

On-the-Spot Training: Receive training during cybersecurity awareness programs or, in case of security breaches or incidents.

2f. Research an academic or industry-type article about the effectiveness of cybersecurity training. Briefly summarize in your own words the primary concerns and challenges. Describe the cybersecurity training programs at your organization/workplace.

  Despite the increased investment in employee security training in 2024, there are lingering doubts about its impact. Concerns arise from issues like vulnerability to phishing attacks and social engineering tactics casting doubt on the effectiveness of training techniques. The article highlights these concerns despite the resources allocated. According to Microsoft 2023 Digital Defense Report video video-based training only minimally reduces incidents of falling for phishing scams showing a 3% decrease.

This information is quite concerning with the rise in phishing attempts, which saw an increase in Q3 2023 as reported by CHN. Nonetheless, companies continue to prioritize security training ranking it second to incident response planning and testing as per IBM’s Security Cost of Data Breach Report for 2023. 

In my workplace, we tackle cybersecurity training through virtual classroom sessions.

Our training program includes subjects such, as password protection identifying phishing scams, safe internet browsing practices, and managing security incidents. We make sure to keep our materials up to date, with the cybersecurity developments and protocols. Moreover, we organize phishing attacks and practical exercises to solidify ideas and prepare our staff to tackle actual security risks effectively.

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