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21 Chump Street Reaction THEATRE Watch the show before responding:  YouTube show: 21 Chump Street by

21 Chump Street Reaction


Watch the show before responding: 

YouTube show: 21 Chump Street by Lin-Manuel Miranda – This American Life – Live at BAM.

Journalism turned into opera, into plays, into a Broadway musical, 
21 Chump Street by Lin-Manuel Miranda, starring Lindsay Mendez and Anthony Ramos. It makes the audience think about police misuse of power in schools.

“Seriously, these kids need to learn there are consequences in life. If I’m doing my job and I’m doing it right, I’m making life safer one school at a time.” ~Naomi

“What the heck I gotta do to be with you? Tell me who I gotta be, for you to get with me.” ~Justin

In paragraph form, discuss your reaction to the plot of the musical. Then discuss the performance aspects (singing, dancing, etc.)

· Provide specific examples to support your opinions/answers.

· Please remember that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to this – it is YOUR opinion just make sure to support your ideas!

· DO NOT write the questions in your submission.


Plot Understanding:

· Summarize the main plot points of “21 Chump Street.” What themes or messages stood out to you?

· How does Lin-Manuel Miranda effectively convey the story within the short format of a musical?


· Discuss the characterization of the main characters. How do their personalities contribute to the overall narrative?

· Explore how the performers bring the characters to life. Were there any standout performances?

Musical Elements:

· Analyze the musical elements, including the lyrics, melody, and rhythm. How do these elements enhance the storytelling?

· How does Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical style in “21 Chump Street” compare to his other works, if you are familiar with them?

Impact of Theatre:

· Reflect on how theatre, as a medium, sheds light on social issues and human injustices. In what ways does “21 Chump Street” contribute to this discourse?

· Do you think the use of music and performance is an effective way to communicate messages about societal problems?

· Discuss any social commentary embedded in the musical. How does it address or critique aspects of society?

Comparisons and Connections:

· Draw connections between the themes in “21 Chump Street” and current societal issues. How does this musical remain relevant?

· Are there other works of art or theatre that you can compare to “21 Chump Street” in terms of theme or style?

Playwriting Techniques/Choices

· Consider the dialogue, structure, and pacing. How do these playwriting techniques impact your experience?

· Were there moments where the script particularly stood out to you?

Personal Response:

· Share your reaction to “21 Chump Street.” How did it make you feel, and did it provoke any thoughts or questions?

· Would you recommend this musical to others? Why or why not?

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