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30 plan each with each SIRP for a progress note of 10 cases for all the kids listed below with names, diagnostics and ages…Please make notes for

30 plan each with each SIRP for a progress note of 10 cases for all the kids listed below with names, diagnostics and ages…Please make notes for all cases according to each kids individual medical reasons make believe of conversations between kids and social worker for each sessions after visiting the kids.


1. Use the names, ages and diagnostics listed for each kid on individual notes.

2. All notes should have reason for each visit-

3. State conversations based on the worries of each kid according to their diagnostics on how they react or deal with their mental health during the visit on their day-to-day activities.

4. Response provided to the kids based on their worries after conversations with the kids.

5. Provide Solution as a social worker to help them manage their worries and diagnostics on their day-to-day activities.

6. Make plans and give advice on how to manage their emotions and give advice on how to deal with their illness.

· Please Use. (SIRP) Ideas notes for social workers to organize the visit.

· The social worker’s session should have Goals for each kid.

· Objectives from each session

· Intervention from each visit to the kids.

· Response from each session during social workers visit to see the kids,

· Progress from each session and what to expect for next follow up.

Below is a list of patients and also sample guide how conversations should be for each visit of the kids individually.

(Joy, Mary, Stella, James. Skile, Moses, Lawrence, Ikeh, Mike, Pam)

Diagnostics- Generalized anxiety disorder

Diagnostics- Generalized anxiety disorder (7yrs old)

Ikeh – Generalized anxiety disorder (6yrs old)

Lawrence- anxiety disorder due to known physiological condition. And Lowself esteem and does bad in grammar and reading (11yrs old)

Anxiety disorder due to known physiological condition .and Anger,lowself esteem,lacks motivation (13yrs old)

Skile- Adjustment disorder with depressed mood, and Low self esteem and dad’s absence (11 yrs old)

James Diagnostics- Generalized anxiety disorder (8yrs old)

Stella Diagnostics- 1  Generalized anxiety disorder (9yrs old)

Diagnostics  Anxiety disorder due to known physiological condition.(6yrs pld)

Goal- I established rapport and built connection with Jovi’s mom.(Ms. kiks)
CSW called Ms.kiks for the first time through her number 202-468-0200 for the session, this was an audio call to establish connection and build rapport.
CSW introduced herself as a Community Support Worker from Doors of Hope, and i explained to Ms.kiks my description and responsibilities as a CSW.
CSW informed Ms. Dawon on the privacy and protection rights under HIPPA guidelines and regulations.
CSW established the guidelines of each meetings as well as the frequencies and durations. Ms. Kiks gave her consent for this call.

Interventions Provided

CSW and kiki’s Mom reviewed his treated plan. CSW asked mom to state his mental health diagnostics and other related issues affecting his daily activities. CSW listened to his Mon on how she describes Jovi’s challenges of anxiety. CSW prompted mom to state the causes of his triggers. I collaborated on ways to reduce his triggers. CSW assisted kiksi’s mom in making list of his anxiety symptoms.
CSW thought mom the copping kills on a sleeping habit and reading. CSW also asked mom about his school punctuality.

Consumer Response

Kiks’s mom was very engaged during the session, and she promised to be effective in her parental role to Kik. Mom indicated that Kik’s does not like going to bed early, Kik likes to stay up at night watching TV.
CSW encouraged mom to allow Kik’s go to bed early. Kik’s mom appeared relieved to have someone to talk to about his struggles. Kiki’s mom seemed more hopeful and motivated to try out the coping strategies discussed during our session. Kik’s mom stated that he needs some redirecting.

Follow-Up Plan

CSW scheduled a follow up to assist and improve on Kik’s anger management skills


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