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500-700 words apa In Watch: What is a Ph.D. in Psychology?, you were introduced to the different divisions of APA and the focus in

500-700 words apa

Watch: What is a Ph.D. in Psychology?, you were introduced to the different divisions of APA and the focus in psychology on research as the means to understanding the truth about phenomenon. In this week’s discussion, you are going to explore how the field of Psychology researches topics.

For this discussion, you will explore your research area of interest through an exploration of the division of APA that most aligns with your research interest. Please go to the
APA Divisions web page and click “View All Divisions.” Choose a division that most closely aligns with your research interests and go to that division’s website. Look around the page and see what topics are currently being researched and talked about.

Also, go to the journal for that division (each division of APA has its own journal(s) & the journal of the division will be noted somewhere on the page) and read through the table of contents of the current and/or past issues to see what topics are currently being researched. You may also need to do a little exploring in our library databases to get a full list of articles in your journal (if it’s not on the division’s webpage). Spend some time exploring current trends in research in your sub-field of psychology.

After you explore the current research trends in your area, please select one of the constructs that is being explored in your division and read at least 3 empirical journal articles on that construct. After you read these articles, please answer the questions below (Please note that a construct in psychology refers to any non-tangible concept or psychological experience that cannot be seen/measured in a physical sense, but exists in terms of experience. For example, extraversion, leadership, forgiveness, gratitude, anger, etc. are all constructs. They are real “things” but are not necessarily tangible or existing in a physical sense. In Psychology we are always talking about “constructs”).

Please include the following in your discussion post:

· First, share with the class what division you examined.

· Second, share what research constructs (i.e. leadership, ADHD, COVID, loneliness, telecommuting, forgiveness) seemed to be most popular right now in your subfield

· Third, describe the one construct you read about by answering the following:

· How did the articles you read theoretically define this construct?

· How did the articles you read measure that construct (also known as operational definition)?

· What do you notice about how the constructs were defined and the measurement of constructs based on the reading of these three articles?

Please review the

Discussion Assignment Instructions

Download Discussion Assignment Instructions

prior to posting. You may also click the three dots in the upper corner to Show Rubric.

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