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about global perspective Cambridge International AS & A Level Global Perspectives & Research 9239 syllabus for 2023, 2024 and 2025. 18

about global perspective

Cambridge International AS & A Level Global Perspectives & Research 9239 syllabus for 2023, 2024 and 2025.

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Component 2 – Essay
40 marks, externally marked

Candidates write an essay of 1750–2000 words on a global issue of their own choice from topics studied during the

Candidates must choose an essay title that is a single question. The choice of essay question must provide
opportunities to develop globally contrasting perspectives.

In their research, candidates should identify and explore the context and basis of arguments that respond to the
question from different global perspectives. They should identify globally contrasting perspectives, understand the
arguments, reasoning or claims upon which these perspectives are based and offer a critical view of them. Sources
selected should offer firmly supported judgements or conclusions. Evaluation of sources and perspectives should
form a substantial element of candidates’ essays. Candidates should reach a personal, supported view on the

In the essay, candidates should demonstrate AO1, AO2 and AO3 skills. They will be assessed on their ability to:

• analyse their chosen question (AO1)
• synthesise arguments to build contrasting perspectives (AO1)
• select and refer to a range of sources (AO1)
• assess and justify the appropriateness of the sources selected (AO1)
• compare and evaluate contrasting perspectives (AO1)
• reflect on the impact of alternative perspectives on their viewpoint (AO2)
• suggest further relevant research (AO2)
• write a clear, structured essay using effective referencing (AO3).

The essay must be written in continuous prose and include a list of sources used. Quotations must be fully
referenced. The essay must be 1750–2000 words and an accurate word count must be clearly stated on each essay.
The word count excludes the title, references and citations. Work beyond the 2000 word maximum will not be
marked. The essay must be submitted electronically.

Essay: the role of the teacher

A class may work together to carry out background research on a global issue, but each candidate must devise
their own question. Teachers should support candidates in formulating appropriate questions.

Candidates should be given sufficient time to plan and prepare their research. During this preparation, teachers
should support each candidate to:

• understand the nature of the task
• identify a suitable issue to research
• formulate an appropriate global question
• develop a suitable approach to the research
• develop organisational skills
• cite and reference their sources
• focus on reconstruction and reflection
• write effectively and concisely to stay between 1750 and 2000 words
• include an accurate word count.


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