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abstinence from alcohol

·  Client returns to clinic in four weeks

·  Mrs. Perez states that she has noticed that she has been having suicidal ideation over the past week, and it seems to be getting worse

·  Clientis She is also reporting that she is having “out of control” anxiety.. 

Decision Point Two Mrs. Perez on the side effects of Campral and add Valium (diazepam) 5 mg orally TID to address anxiety symptoms


Select what the PMHNP should do next: on Valium (diazepam) 5 mg orally TID/PRN/anxiety to a counselor to address gambling issues on Chantix (varenicline) 1 mg orally BID

  • Client returns to clinic      in four weeks
  • Mrs. Perez reports that      when she first received the valium, it helped her tremendously. She states      “I was like a new person- this is a miracle drug!” However, she reports      that she has trouble “waiting” between drug administration times and      sometimes takes her valium early. She is asking today for you to increase      the valium dose or frequency
  • Although she reports that      her anxiety is gone, she still reports suicidal ideation, but states “with      that valium stuff, who cares?”;;;;;;;;
  • Decision Point Three
  • on Wellbutrin (bupropion) XL 150 mg orally daily
  • Guidance to Student
  • Given her weight (less than 60      kg), Campral should have been started at 666 mg orally BID. It is possible      that the higher dose may be responsible for the severity of the symptoms      that Mrs. Perez is experiencing.
  • Technically, the drug should      have been stopped (not simply decreased) once Mrs. Perez reported suicidal      ideation. Even with the decrease in dose, she is still having suicidal      ideation, which indicates the need to discontinue the drug. Although      controversy exists regarding how long to use pharmacologic approaches to      treatment of alcohol dependence, 8 weeks is probably insufficient,      therefore, the drug should not simply be discontinued without using a      different agent in its place.
  • Mrs. Perez should be started on      Antabuse at 250 mg orally daily and referred to psychotherapy to address      her gambling issue.
  • In all cases, the PMHNP needs      to discuss smoking cessation options with Mrs. Perez in order to address      the totality of addictions and to enhance her overall health. The decision      to begin Wellbutrin XL 150 mg orally daily may help achieve this goal, but      this choice does not address her abstinence from alcohol.

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