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After watching the videos that have been posted ( 60

After watching the videos that have been posted ( 60 Minutes: Tom Coleman and the Drug Arrests in Tulia, Texas and Tulia 20 Years Later), write a 500 word (minimum) critique on any issue(s) that you found of interest that was presented in the interview with Tom Coleman or/and the video clip on Tulia 20 Years Later).   When writing your critique, you must include at least two academic sources to validate the comments that you make.  One source must come from your assigned text, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.  Note: Chapter 2: The Lockdown and Chapter 3: The Color of Justice present several issues/topics that address the the content presented in these videos.  When using your textbook as an academic source, just citing (Alexander, 2010) is not acceptable.  You must provide a specific example and the page number from where the passage/information was obtained.  For your second source, you can use another supporting passage/information from The New Jim Crow or you can use any other academic journal source.

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