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Assessment Brief Title- Digital Customer Experience Assignment type / submission format: Report Max

Assessment Brief

Title- Digital Customer Experience

Assignment type / submission format: Report

Max 3500 + 2 pages for the Task 1a

Harvard Referencing

This assessment should be written in formal report format using the 3rd person.

Ariel 11 point
1.5 spacing
Use numbered headings and sub headings to sign post you are addressing all parts of the brief.

Module learning outcomes being assessed in this assignment:

LO1 – Assess the strategic options for channel selection

LO2 – Understand relevant insights into digital customers

LO3 – Understand how digital channels are managed effectively in practice

LO4 – Define requirements for legal compliance in digital campaigns

LO5 – Understand the customer journey

LO6 – Develop plans to improve the user experience

Choosing 1 Theme:


Theme 1:

Competitive advantage through improved return on marketing investment (ROMI)


Theme 2:

Improving the organisation’s product/service portfolio for sustained business growth


Theme 3:

Leveraging the use of technology

Assessment Task /What are you required to do in this assignment?

Task 1 Channel Selection and Customer Insights

In line with the
theme you have selected for this assignment, you are required to carry out the following.

1(a) Provide a background to
your chosen organisation, including:

· organisation name

· organisation information – to include type of organisation, size of organisation, range of products and services, customer base and main competitors

· stakeholders – summary of the organisation’s key internal and external stakeholders

· key customer segment – an overview of the selected key customer segment

· theme chosen and rationale for choice.

Marks 10 (2 Sides of A4)

1(b) Define your digital channel goals and identify
THREE digital channels that can help you achieve them, along with detailed justification of the channel selection process.

20 marks and 800 words

1(c) Create a key persona to help achieve the goals set in Task 1b, using competitive insights, internal company data, and data from third party digital tools to justify the content.

10 marks and 500 words

Task 2 Digital Customer Experience

(a) Evaluate and appraise the existing user experience across the customer journey touchpoints across different channels from acquisition to conversion.

30 marks and 1100 words

(b) Develop a plan to improve the customer journey experience to increase conversions, considering the impact of future technology such as hardware, software or Artificial Intelligence.

30 marks and 1100 words

Choosing a Business:

select a business / sector interested in and have at lease interacted with eg bought something off them or use them regularly.  

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