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Instructions for Semester Project – Fall 2016

Students are expected to read assigned material before class meetings. You will need to do one report and make a presentation on a subject of your choosing. You will need to include the references you used to complete your report. These presentations can be presented and submitted beginning Wednesday 9-21-16. These presentations will be the basis for student discussion on current developments in psychology. See Canvas, class rubrics, and Semester Project Matrix Fall 2016 for breakdown on points awarded. You may use i.e. PowerPoint, videos, books, online presentation, etc. Presentations need to be spell-checked, typed, and stapled – no written presentations will be accepted. If you make an online presentation make sure it is saved on the cloud i.e. OneDrive. It is recommended that you use or for your presentation and make sure your presentation has no delays in it to allow the other students their equal time. NO FLASH DRIVES WILL BE AUTHORIZED. If you do not turn in a summary for your presentation you will not receive any points for your presentation. Each chapter has different critical thinking exercises and only the critical thinking exercises on Canvas will be authorized. Assignments will not be accepted beyond the due dates indicated on Canvas so it is highly recommended you complete your assignments as soon as you can. To assist you in completing the critical thinking exercises please refer to the “Teaching Package: Print Supplements,” of the textbook where it makes available such things as the Companion Web site, study guides, articles, books, videos, PowerPoint activities, Digital Media Archives, CD-ROMs,
DVD’s, Brain Modules, short clips, etc. You may also use our library for more information. See Canvas, class rubric, and Semester Project Matrix Fall 2016 for breakdown on points awarded.One sentence critical thinking exercises will NOT be accepted. Please follow Canvas, class rubric and class resources as a guide to help you!

Basically, you need to research a topic in psychology and make a presentation on it. You could select i.e. Insomnia, ADHD, Personality Psychology, or any other topic – have at least 2 or 3 sources and put this on Power Point or on and turn in your summary at the end of your presentation. We covered this several times in class but your high absence prevented you from getting all this information. At this point it is probably to late to put all this together and present as tomorrow is the deadline to make your presentation. All I can say is submit at least a written copy to me tomorrow as you probably won’t have time to present in class and I can see how many points I can award you. You will not be able to get the 100 points authorized but something is better than nothing.

Good Luck,

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