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Can you assist with a 150 word response and 1 reference? Effective nursing practice necessitates the adept application of knowledge, skills, and artistry

Can you assist with a 150 word response and 1 reference?

Effective nursing practice necessitates the adept application of knowledge, skills, and artistry to deliver patient care in a compassionate, efficient, and proficient manner. Practice, research, and theory form the principal foundations of nursing (Jain, 2021). Thus, a dynamic interrelationship among theory, practice, and research is formed. Nursing theories serve as the cornerstone for making clinical decisions. These theoretical frameworks within nursing influence research directions and establish conceptual frameworks, ultimately dictating the methods and rationales underlying nurse-patient interactions (American Nurses Association, 2023). Through clinical practice both nursing theories are formulated and then validated. Research, in turn, informs and enhances practice by fostering theory development through testing and replication to result in useful evidence-based practice.  Evidence-based practice (EBP) is characterized by clinical decision-making that considers the most reliable evidence, the specific context of care delivery, client preferences, and the professional expertise of healthcare providers. Implementing EBP is advocated in clinical environments because it is associated with enhancing the quality of healthcare, enhancing patient satisfaction and health outcomes, and lowering healthcare expenses (Cardoso et. al, 2021).

My future role as a nurse practitioner will offer invaluable firsthand experiences that can significantly contribute to shaping nursing theory and research in various ways. As explained above, ensuring that evidence-based practice is utilized in my clinical decision-making allows me to contribute to verifying research outcomes in real-life scenarios and pinpointing areas that may necessitate additional investigation. Also, through my interactions with patients I may encounter gaps or issues within current healthcare practices which can stimulate inquiries and steer the creation of studies designed to tackle these deficiencies. There is also the ability to challenge or further validate existing nursing theories. In my professional experiences, I might come across instances where established nursing theories demonstrate efficacy or reveal limitations. Through rigorous assessment of these theories within practical settings, I can play a role in validating, refining, or potentially revising them, thus enhancing the theoretical framework of nursing. Lastly, while working within an interprofessional setting I will be able to engage with various healthcare disciplines to engage in collaborative research endeavors to provide insight into healthcare delivery. This insight, through shared experiences, directly aids in helping to shape and develop the direction of nursing research. This can lead to the development and implementation of future interventions and/or approaches and informing future theoretical developments.

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