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CASE/MKT 501 Strategic Marketing  Module 2 – Case DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE BRAND COMMUNICATIONS Assignment Overview **Complete this Module’s Case before the

CASE/MKT 501 Strategic Marketing 

Module 2 – Case


Assignment Overview

**Complete this Module’s Case before the Session Long Project**

Diversity Marketing Strategy

What has been referred to as multicultural marketing has evolved to address a broad application of inclusiveness in marketing to remain relevant. Going beyond target market and psychographic research can help marketers expand the picture of who is a prospective customer.

Case 2 Resources

Study: How Brands Plan to Improve Diversity in Advertising (2022) 10 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources for Small Businesses (2022) Inclusivity Matters: A Strategic Guide to Inclusive Marketing in 2022 (2022)Why diverse and inclusive marketing matters (2022) Motivational Theories and Models (2022)Changing Attitudes (2022)Trends Impacting Individual Consumer Decision Making (2022)

Case Assignment

Inclusivity and Diversity

Whether we talk about diversity or inclusivity, the discussion is one all businesses should have. Although marketers target consumers or segment a market, they still need to include diverse groups of consumers in their strategies. The groups may be defined by gender, race or ethnicity, language, sexual identity, ability, religious beliefs, age, socio-economic status and more. Dove offers to pay other brands to diversify their ads. More than Half of People Don’t Feel Represented in Advertising.

Using the module’s readings and other research, create a plan for diversity and inclusivity in marketing communications.

Company Overview

Begin with a brief company overview.


Describe the importance of inclusivity and diversity as it pertains to marketing communications. (1  page) Research Required.

Best Practice Examples

Research what other companies are doing in this area, specifically with groups that would be a good fit for your business. Explore what groups are included in their marketing communications. Explain why marketing to the groups would be beneficial to your business. (1 ½ pages) Research Required.

Addressing the Negatives

Controversy, backlash, and mistakes: some marketers failed miserably in their efforts to reach a more diverse audience or become inclusive. Find at least two examples and analyze the mistakes so you will not make them in this modules’’s session long project (SLP) (1 ½ pages) Research Required.

No quotations are permitted in this paper. Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite and reference the sources in APA format. NOTE: failure to use research with accompanying citations to support content will result in reduced scoring “Level 2-Developing” across the grading rubric. This is a professional paper; not a personal one based on feelings. It must be written in the third person; this means words like “I”, “we”, and “you” are not appropriate.



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