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– CASE PRESENTATIONS GUIDELINES Each group please consider the following



Each group please consider the following guidelines for your presentations. You can modify this according to your decision but at least make sure to cover those parts listed:

· Background Information: Provide Information about the topic such as a short one slide literature review, showing what has been done in that field earlier.

· Synopsis of the case/topic: Summarize it to us so we can clearly have an idea on the topic

· Give examples from the case.

· Give examples from the world and USA

· Explain why this topic is important and what it could bring to the management of tourism

I’m presenting only 3 slides of the presentation which will be focused on :


  1. It can be seen that the current degree of human attention to nature protection is not comparable to that in the past. This is a picture of the change in the ozone hole, which is shrinking


  1. what is responsible tourism?
  2. Responsible tourism, also called eco-tourism, is an important topic of the current tourism industry and can promote the development of tourism, and the main focus of this topic is to protect nature. 
  3. read the left things on the slide


  1. In our case, Glengoyne Distillery has taken some actions to protect nature.
  2. read all
  3. They also cooperate with Plan Bee. Plan Bee rents out beehives to help restore the bee population.
  4. Moreover, all over the world also attach great importance to nature protection.

please make sure to add data and pictures to the slides. 

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