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Closely examine one International Organization and determine if the Organization is still relevant and effective in today’s global environment.  Write: a

Closely examine one International Organization and determine if the Organization is still relevant and effective in today’s global environment. 

Write: a persuasive 3- 5 page essay about this organization which addresses the key points below

Remember: This is a persuasive essay/presentation, and your goal is to focus on one organization, explore key questions about the organization and provide the reader with evidence to support your points.  

Four Key Sections:

  • Organization Overview: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the International Organization that you are examining?
  • Organization Involvement: Explore one specific instance in which the International Organization was involved. What was the outcome? Did the Organization help or hinder the people or the country/countries involved?
  • Evolution: Since the instance that you chose, how has the organization evolved, or not evolved?
  • Relevance: Finally, in your opinion, is the Organization you are exploring still relevant today? If it is relevant, what makes it relevant? What is it doing that has helped it to stay in touch with the times and with the needs of the global or regional community it serves? If you determine the Organization is no longer relevant –what has made it so? What decisions or commitments has the Organization made that have left it irrelevant? If it is currently irrelevant or out of touch with the needs of the people it serves, how can it be made relevant? Or can it? If it is still relevant, how can it remain so?

Know your main point: The essay should be grounded in an argument (a “thesis”) that is stated clearly in the introduction and that anchors the entire essay. Since this is a persuasive essay/presentation, you should be conscious of convincing your audience of your point of view. You will do this by using concrete, specific, and detailed evidence. 

Your essay should be approximately 3 – 5 pages long, double-spaced. Please document all sources using APA style, and include a References page with all sources cited. You should use substantive sources, and I would like to see at least three different sources referenced. Your essay should include an introduction with a clear thesis, sections dedicated to each of the four areas of focus, and a conclusion that summarizes your argument and enforces your point. 

I will evaluate the essay based on the following criteria:

  • A sharp and clear argument that is well-defended, anchors the entire paper and persuades the audience to your point of view about the Organization.
  • Lucid presentation of the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen Organization.
  • A thoroughly described analysis of the instance in which the International Organization intervened. It should be clear to the reader what interventions were attempted and what the outcome was.
  • Sharp assessment of the impact the Organization had on the countries or people that were affected by its intervention, whether positively or negatively.
  • Justifiable and persuasive analysis of the relevance of the Organization in today’s world.
  • Full documentation: Inclusion of a references page with at least 3 substantive sources. Please use APA style formatting.
  • The use of clear language, free of spelling and grammatical errors.  

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