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Competency Lead information technology organizations through innovation and transformation. Student Success


Lead information technology organizations through innovation and transformation.

Student Success Criteria

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You are a technical consultant brought to a prospective customer who operates several different ecommerce websites. You have been asked to analyses their existing systems and formulate recommendations to better integrate their various support systems – inventory, shipping, credit card processing and so on. Currently the company runs multiple different systems to perform each of the functions with little or no data flow between systems.

Representing the company is their IT manager, the head of Accounting, and the President. During the introduction, it becomes clear that the IT Manager and the head of Accounting are strongly for the redesign. The President is against considering the change.

While describing an overview of how the systems would benefit the organization, the President interrupts you and while looking you in the eye says “All these computer systems do is make it harder to get the job done, slow down our operating efficiency, and cost money. Why should I change anything?”

Create an executive summary that persuades the company president of the advantages of the new systems.


In a 2 – 4 page Microsoft Word document, include the following:

· the rationale for the implementation of the project plan

· how the system will improved operating efficiency

· improve ease of use for end-user

· overall cost savings realized by the company

· If references are used, they must be cited and listed in APA format on a reference page at the end of the executive summary.

Be sure to check grammar and spelling before submitting.


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