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Course Project Part 2 For this assignment, you will finish developing your Product Buying Report, which will include all of

Course Project Part 2

For this assignment, you will finish developing your Product Buying Report, which will include all of the information a buyer needs to intelligently purchase the selected product identified.

Continue with the specific product, component, or commodity (e.g., computer chips, capital equipment, raw materials for reworking) that you selected to use to produce a Product Buying Report.

You will continue to create a Project Proposal to identify and discuss the product selected for project.

You will make any corrections to assignment and then add the components required to complete the assignment.

Your Project Proposal should be no more than twelve pages, not including title and reference page and include all of the sections below. These sections included the focus on the product and focus on the supplier information.

Report Components

Your Product Buying Report must contain the following sections.

Title Page

Executive Summary: This is a one-page summary of your overall report. Recognizing that many executives will only read this portion of your report, you are expected to summarize the key information, critical data, and your final recommendation. You may need to adjust this when you submit the final paper in week 7.

Intended Use and Requirements: In this section, you are to outline the intended use for the product and the requirements to be met by the item purchased. To do this effectively, you should create a scenario explaining the background of these requirements, as well as all the buying influences that need to be considered. Note that this is an appropriate time to consider make versus buy versus partner factors; however, because this is a buying report, your analysis should support the attractiveness of the buy alternative.

Available Products: In this section, you are to catalog the available products that might meet these requirements and the characteristics of those products. These characteristics, which would include classifications, grades, and properties that distinguish one product from another, need to be defined. From this list of available products, you will select one for detailed investigation.

Technical Product Data: This is where you outline the technical data required to specify and inspect the quality and suitability of the selected product.

Analysis of the Product’s Sources and Availability: This is where you identify the various sources for this product, along with critical information about their abilities to source the product. If how the product is manufactured is an important consideration for your ability to select suppliers and appraise its quality, be sure to quality those requirements.

Supplier Selection Criteria: In this section, you are to discuss the basis by which supplier selection should be determined and why. For instance, is this product best sourced through the competitive bidding process, negotiation, collaboration with a partner, or some other mechanism?

Pricing Factors: Here you are to discuss factors that will affect product pricing, including supply, demand, pricing, and inventory requirements.

Supplier Relationship Management: In this section, you are to discuss how the relationship with the selected supplier should best be managed, including the associated costs and effort necessary to do so.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: Identify legal and/or ethical considerations that are appropriate for this decision. Be sure to discuss the expected contract type and key terms that need to be incorporated into the prospective agreement.

Recommendation: In previous sections, you have identified a prospective supplier and all the relevant operational and cost information necessary to make a decision about the viability of this procurement. In this final section, you are to provide your recommendation on the prospective purchase. 

Your recommendation needs to follow from the information you have presented above; for example, you should not logically recommend purchasing a product for which you have identified a number of shortcomings. However, it is possible that you may determine that the available product does not appear to be a viable solution for your intended use and requirements. If that is the case, you should recommend against the purchase but suggest alternatives that might be taken in a follow-up analysis

References: You are to indicate the sources you included as citations in your paper.

Corrections required:

However, in your submission, you did not describe the survey and the rationale it used to determine the selected types of gaming computer chips from all the other available chips. Specifically, is the survey credible and since the survey listed XYZ-9000 chip from XYZ Semiconductor Company, it begs the question, who is XYZ Semiconductor Company because I could not find them nor did your references list them. You also need to make sure that you’re not stating your decision until you get to the recommendation section. Since this is an analysis, you need to use the tools we covered in the course as part of your analysis. Specifically, as you complete the rest of the paper, make sure you take time in sections 6, 7, and 8 to showcase your analysis and what each analysis led you to deduct.

NOTE: The section in blue is what the correction is required for. This was done prior week (520w6cp1).

Please combine all together for a total of 12 pages.

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