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Create a document with answers to the following questions. Be


Create a document with answers to the following questions.  Be thorough and elaborate your responses!

1.  Change is very difficult for some people.  As a leader, how would you deal with your follower’s resistance to change?

2.  Describe a situation in your life where you experienced real change.  How did you respond to this change?  Explain the results of this change.

3.  In the movie, Schindler’s List, how did Stern persuade Schindler to change the way he was doing business and use prisoners in his factory as laborers?  Why is Schindler convinced?

4.  In detail, explain why you believe people resist change.

5.  In general, do you perceive yourself to be a change implementer or a change resister?  Give explanation (or an example of a personal experience) for your response.

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