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Differences between Expected

Differences between Expected Results and Actual Results Choosing Zoloft 50mg on my African American child patient seems to be working, with no problem. Patient is responding well to therapy. I will continue patient with current dose. With this gradual improvement, I have no reasons to change medication or dosage. I will schedule an appointment and the dose might be increase if depression increases. 1 The expected result would be in treating any side effect to the medication so that maximum therapeutic effects can be achieved. The actual result is that there is an achievement in medication therapeutic effect that is needed by the patient (National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2017).

5 Ethical Considerations Suicidal ideation or behavior is only one reason for which close monitoring is important for children started on antidepressant therapy (Mitchell et al., 2014). Therefore, providers who are considering the use of antidepressants in children, adolescents, and young adults must first balance the risk of suicidality with the clinical need for an antidepressant (Mitchell et al., 2014). 1 The ethic consideration can be classified as an accumulation of reasoning and principle of treatment of depression.The suicidal tendency in the used of antidepressant medication has led the FDA to require that all antidepressant medicine should be labeled by pharmaceutical companies with the caution of suicidal on the label (Sondheimer, 2010). Any child that is below the age of 18years old cannot take decision on depression treatment without the parent approval according to FDA regulation (Sondheimer,2010). Therefore, it is paramount to educate the parent of the treatment given to the child as well the consent of the parent.In case of danger, the consent advice of the parent may be ignored (Sondheimer, 2010).The Zoloft is “off-label” so a greater precaution and parent approval needs to be obtain before dispensing.

6 This lack of knowledge leads many to believe that a mental health condition is a personal weakness or some sort of punishment from God. Many African Americans also have trouble recognizing the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, leading to underestimating the effects and impact of mental health conditions. 3 Faith and spirituality can help in the recovery process but should not be the only option you pursue. If spirituality is an important part of your life, your spiritual practices can be a strong part of your treatment plan. Your spiritual leaders and faith community can provide support and reduce isolation.

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