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Discussion 4.1 Love’s Last Breath Instructions: Respond to the two posts below. The due date is Monday, May 13.

Discussion 4.1 Love’s Last Breath

Instructions: Respond to the two posts below. The due date is Monday, May 13.


           I would not even want to think of what it would be like to live without Jesus in this world. For me I think it would be scary, feeling of lost and no hope. We would just choose selfish ways, be more hateful, sinful, and corrupted worse than this world is now. I would feel scared to even go out into the world. The sin in this world would be so much. Look at how bad it has been growing and getting worse now. Since they took God out of schools, public, and all the good morality is going away. Take Jesus away and there is not peace, joy, no love, and more hell. Take the light of the world away and what do you have left. Darkness. We would be living in darkness. Take the sun away and we all die. Ever watch the movie PURGE that would be like what I would imagine or the last of days shows how people are so gone and evil. There would be no holy spirit to be felt or moving in the world. no miracles and nothing. No prayer, no connection to God and world full of dark hearts. I would not want to be here. 

          A time for me I thought all was lost for me may not mean much to others or even to understand it, but this really happened. Then something unexpected happen. My husband and I had been trying for almost 4 years to get pregnant. Everyone around me had been having kids, even weren’t married, and was so depressing to go through everything. I felt lost, did not understand why my prayers were not being answered and why was not able to be gifted a blessing of a child. I lost my belief in prayers and felt lost.  I gave up. I was in Nashville Tn one day after that, I had a dream to keep going and not give up and saw three angel figurines cherubs to be exact. I was shown two boys and one girl.  I was out shopping that day and saw these three similar figurines in a store and bought them. Two boys and one girl. Took them home and put them in the spare bedroom that would one day to be a nursery. I thought maybe I should try one more time and not give up. I started having more dreams and the last one was the most significant one.  I was visited in a dream by a divine being tall and well beautiful and too bright to look at Told me “Today may seem hard” “do not worry, everything will be okay, and your son will be fine”. I woke up for work and was like, what a strange dream, I do not even have a son or any kids.

            Went to work and felt sick had a doctor I worked for send me down for a blood panel because I was on some strong new meds for endometriosis and once, I finished those treatments I could start trying for kids again. But the blood work came back that I was just pregnant. I should had been happy, but I was too worried and confused. I was on those meds and was not supposed to be getting pregnant while during treatments. That new doctor had not done a pregnancy test before we started, and I was 6 weeks pregnant and 5 weeks into these strong treatments. I went to follow up with this doctor and he told me that I had to have an abortion that there was no way the baby would make it or how it would have genetic issues. So bad that if I did not do so I would have to go to genetic specialist and be counseled and yet still lose the child. He told me these nothing would be formed on the baby, or my body would eventually miscarry it. I was so shocked to all this and mad. I saw the heartbeat and they said it was healthy so far and good heartbeat. I looked up and saw a poster that said keep going. I then remembered the dreams and the most current one that morning. That my son will be okay and that everything will be okay. That whole message was so loud to me, and I believed. I fired the doctor and left his office. I went home to share this with my husband the excitement of actually getting pregnant. I found a new doctor and he was fine. Nothing wrong with him I had a heathy son just like the dream said and I found a new kind of love. To think I could had been younger or naive to listen to this doctor who told me to abort him. I found my faith again and knew prayers take time and I do feel there are lessons in life we go through. 

Oh, and I had two boys and a girl. Each with their own special story 


To me, a world without Jesus is a world without love.  We wouldn’t see the small miracles of God every day.  My wife and I live out in the country on a plot of land.  I have the privilege every day to see wildlife around my house and I make it a point to stop and take it in. A conscious effort to live in the moment and sit in silence.   It is beyond peaceful.   I picture all of that being taken away without Jesus.  A world of nothing but chaos.  Nothing but hatred between everyone. Little acts of kindness, gone. 

                  Some time when I was twenty-three years old, I was on the wrong path.  I was in the music business, and I was not in a good place mentally, physically, or spiritually.  I thought all was lost.  I didn’t think I would ever step foot back into a church. One night, my grandmother (whom I lived with at the time) had respiratory failure and she passed away.  When the paramedics arrived, they revived her.  She was dead for a whole two minutes.  She eventually came back home from the hospital and started sleeping on the couch.  One night, I came home around 2 in the morning from playing a concert.  She was awake on the couch and looked at me and said, “do you believe in God?”  I said, “I guess so”.  She replied, “you better because I saw him.  I saw him when I was crossing over.” 

                  I couldn’t sleep that night.  My grandmother had always been a non-believer.  She used to poke fun at people going to church.  Her saying that to me that night, was an eye opener.  It completely changed my path and restored my faith.  It also gave me huge relief and happiness to know that she became a believer in her last days. 

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