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EDUC 735 JOURNAL ARTICLE CRITIQUE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW During this course, you will complete two journal article critiques. For

EDUC 735


During this course, you will complete two journal article critiques. For each of these
assignments, select one of the articles you included in your Annotated Bibliography
Assignment to critique. The two journal article critiques you will compose for this course are
intended to build upon the Annotated Bibliography Assignment and serve as a foundation for
your Research Paper Assignment later in the course. The articles you select to critique must be
from professional journals and must be current (published no more than 5 years ago).

Utilize the Journal Article Critique Template for this assignment. Each section of the template
includes the specific required components of each section.

1. In the first section, the introduction, you should include a 4-5 sentence introduction to
and overview of the article with a clear thesis sentence that reveals your purpose for the
critique. Please do not include a heading for this section. It is understood in APA that the
first section is introductory in nature and therefore does not need a heading.

2. The next section is the summary and should have a Level 1 heading. The summary
should provide a description of the methodology and the findings of the research. It
should be a minimum of two paragraphs of at least five sentences each. Finally, the
summary should have a balance of direct quotes and paraphrases from the article that is
the focus of this assignment.

3. The next section, the critical analysis, should be comprised of at least three paragraphs of
at least five sentences each. This section should have a heading. The critical analysis
should address the credibility of the author(s) by describing the professional
accomplishments of the author(s) and the main logic of the article. This section should
also discuss the validity of the assertions made by the author(s). The analysis should
include a discussion of the limitations, strengths, and weaknesses of the research
methodology. In addition to the selected article, there should be at least one additional
source that provides support for the assertions made in this critical analysis section.

4. Finally, the conclusion should be at least one paragraph of at least five sentences.
Summarize your insight into the article based on your professional experience and
include a clear concluding sentence.

The article critique should be at least 750 words in length. This does not include the required title
page or the required references list. An abstract is not required. Follow current APA formatting
Refer to the Journal Article Critique Grading Rubric for more details on the expectations for this
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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