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Exam Content 1. Top of Form As a project manager, your projects may be allocated the resources needed by the organization’s PMO. You are likely to

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As a project manager, your projects may be allocated the resources needed by the organization’s PMO. You are likely to be most concerned with securing the resources you need for your project, but the PMO is going to be focused on allocating the resources available to the right projects at the right time. When you articulate the project deliverables and the associated tasks and work packages clearly, the scope of the project is well-defined and helps to
ensure delivery of the project outcomes successfully and within the project schedule.

In this assignment, you will show your
project scoping skills when you prepare a project summary and work breakdown structure (WBS) for PMO review so your project’s resources can be allocated to meet your project schedule. Consider what the PMO needs from you so that your project gets what it needs from the PMO.  

Select 1 project from a case study, such as: 

· Greyson Corporation using information from the

Greyson Corporation Case Study
(Kerzner, 2022)

· Crosby Manufacturing Corporation using information from the

Crosby Manufacturing Corporation Case Study
(Kerzner, 2022)

· The case study you used in PM/570 for your project proposal

· Another case study of your choice 

Use the case study you selected and
prepare a WBS that you will submit to the PMO.

Summarize or
outline the project’s critical factors, including the following:

· Project details:

· Project name

· Project sponsor

· Estimated start date

· Estimated date of completion

· Project scope description, including what is in and out of scope

· List of project deliverables:

· Project acceptance criteria

· Project constraints

· Project assumptions

Consider the key takeaways you learned in your course textbook,
The DNA of Strategy Execution. These may help you consider what information a PMO will be looking for. Reference the textbook, as needed.  

Prepare a WBS for this project in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or another program of your choice and
include a detailed list of major project deliverables, subtasks, and work packages. Additionally:

· Consider the work needed to deliver each major deliverable or phase of the project.

· Include at least 2 phases with main tasks or deliverables that you can break down into subtasks and work packages.

Cite any references used and
format citation and references according to APA guidelines.

Submit your WBS.




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Project Management Case Studies (6th ed.) (pp. 187–191 and pp. 209–212), by H. Kerzner, 2022, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Copyright 2021 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Reprinted with permission.

Copyright 2022 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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