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SPSS COMPUTATIONS A retrospective descriptive study examined the duration of biologic use from veterans with rheumatoid arthritis ( Tran et al., 2009 ). The values in Table 27-4 were extracted from a larger sample of veterans who had a history of biologic medication use (e.g., infl iximab [Remicade], etanercept [Enbrel]). Table 27-4 contains simulated demographic data col-lected from 10 veterans who had stopped taking biologic medications. Age at study enroll-ment, duration of biologic use, race/ethnicity, gender (F = female), tobacco use (F = former use, C = current use, N = never used), primary diagnosis (3 = irritable bowel syndrome, 4 = psoriatic arthritis, 5 = rheumatoid arthritis, 6 = reactive arthritis), and type of biologic medication used were among the study variables examined. TABLE 27-4 DEMOGRAPHIC VARIABLES OF VETERANS WITH RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS Patient ID Duration (yrs) Age Race/Ethnicity Gender Tobacco Diagnosis Biologic 10.142CaucasianFF5Infl iximab20.341Black, not of Hispanic OriginFF5Etanercept31.356CaucasianFN5Infl iximab41.578CaucasianFF3Infl iximab51.586Black, not of Hispanic OriginFF4Etanercept62.049CaucasianFF6Etanercept72.282CaucasianFF5Infl iximab83.035CaucasianFN3Infl iximab93.059Black, not of Hispanic OriginFC3Infl iximab104.037CaucasianFF5Etanercept 298EXERCISE 27 • Calculating Descriptive StatisticsCopyright © 2017, Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. This is how our data set looks in SPSS. Step 1: For a nominal variable, the appropriate descriptive statistics are frequencies and percentages. From the “Analyze” menu, choose “Descriptive Statistics” and “Frequen-cies.” Move “Race/Ethnicity and Gender” over to the right. Click “OK.” 299Calculating Descriptive Statistics • EXERCISE 27Copyright © 2017, Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Step 2: For a continuous variable, the appropriate descriptive statistics are means and standard deviations. From the “Analyze” menu, choose “Descriptive Statistics” and “Explore.

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