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For the fourth research assignment, you are to address any

For the fourth research assignment, you are to address any issues or comments I made to your third submission.

You should also continue developing and move toward the completion of secondary data research that will provide the detail needed by a reader of your case to understand the case topic and the country environment that you have selected.  This secondary research should be tightly focused and relate directly to the topic of your case and the specific industry and company that form the context of your case.  For example, if your case study is about a company looking to build a factory in a foreign country, you should include information about the labor market in that country including things like average income, unemployment rates, labor participation (by gender, age, ethnicity, etc.).  If your case is about slowing population growth by promoting birth control, you should include information about the current birth rates, cultural attitudes toward birth control, current government activities, the state of health care in the country, etc. 

*please not the attachment below is the last case study that he’s referring to with correction already made. Please use this one to continue on with Your research related to the issue stated.

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