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For the total sample

(31)0.781Admitted to hospital previous year, n (%)10 (24)14 (29)0.607Medication use, n (%) Inhaled glucocorticosteroids30 (71)44 (90)0.025 Systemic glucocorticosteroids3 (6.3)0 (0)0.094 Anticholinergic32 (76)42 (86)0.245 Long-acting β 2 -agonists30 (71)45 (92)0.011 Short-acting β 2 -agonists13 (31)32 (65)0.001 Analgesics11 (26)5 (10)0.046 Statins8 (19)11 (23)0.691 Eckerblad, J., Tödt, K., Jakobsson, P., Unosson, M., Skargren, E., Kentsson, M., & Theander, K. (2014). Symptom burden in stable COPD patients with moderate to severe airfl ow limitation. Heart & Lung, 43 (4), p. 353. numbness/tingling in hands/feet, feeling irritable, and dizziness, were reported by between 25% and 50% of the patients. The most commonly reported psychological symptom was diffi culty sleeping (52%), followed by worrying (33%), feeling irritable (28%) and feeling sad (22%). There were no signifi cant differences in the occurrence of physical and psy-chological symptoms between patients with moderate and severe airfl ow limitations” ( Eckerblad et al., 2014 , p. 353). 62EXERCISE 6 • Understanding Frequencies and PercentagesCopyright © 2017, Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. STUDY QUESTIONS 1. What are the frequency and percentage of women in the moderate airfl ow limitation group? 2. What were the frequencies and percentages of the moderate and the severe airfl ow limitation groups who experienced an exacerbation in the previous 6 months? 3. What is the total sample size of COPD patients included in this study? What number or fre-quency of the subjects is married/cohabitating? What percentage of the total sample is married or cohabitating? 4. Were the moderate and severe airfl ow limitation groups signifi cantly different regarding married/cohabitating status? Provide a rationale for your answer. 5. List at least three other relevant demographic variables the researchers might have gathered data on to describe this study sample. 6. For the total sample, what physical symptoms were experienced by ≥ 50% of the subjects? Identify the physical symptoms and the percentages of the total sample experiencing each symptom.

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