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For this Assignment 7, I would like you all to read over the in-class preliminary script

For this Assignment 7, I would like you all to read over the in-class

preliminary script

you started collectively (
SEE recent Announcement covering this)
, and refine and continue it by ADDING A SCENE WITH DIALOGUE as you see fit which renders the overall (imagined) narrative in a logical way (i.e., by asking yourselves: where do we, as a Group, see this story going if it were a full script/film? What should/will the protagonist’s next move be, even if we aren’t putting that action into

script exercise? What do you think the next scene could be (or, what was the last imagined scene)?…etc…These forward-looking thoughts will help you develop THIS preliminary scene you are creating; often, you should be thinking several steps ahead when writing scripts, just like one does when playing chess!)

ALSO, please
create a
storyboard for the Opening Scene
by drawing it out as described in the script…So, envision the visuals for your opening scene, using whatever means you have (stick figures, chicken scratches, whatever! As long as the point comes across clearly).

to the Week 6 – Review in the Modules section of our course website on Canvas for links to script and storyboard examples

For submission, this week it’ll be File Uploads, rather than a URL of course, so make sure that BOTH your Script and Storyboard are in an appropriate file format so that we can open them easily (like a PDF, which is the greatest of all file formats!)

In-Class Screenplay (fill the below out for your Assignment)

First Page (non-traditional format, but it helps you to see the bigger picture as a beginner)




Feel free to deviate from the description we started in class, and “design” your Protagonist however your Group would like.


General story idea, or loose plot structure:

SKELETAL SCRIPT FORMAT (in traditional format, per the links provided in Modules / Week 6 Review)

LOG LINE goes HERE (which is a general narrative description of the Scene and includes info such as: WHERE is this Scene taking place?…etc)

Actor A

Talking talking talk talk (dialogue) goes here

Actor B

Now, this actor talks and talks and talks (more dialogue)

HERE – a description of the actor’s expressions, non-verbal communication and physical actions also can go here…etc…

Again, PLEASE refer to the LINKS in the
Modules / Week 6 Review section for CORRECT SCRIPT FORMATTING if the above isn’t clear enough.

>>>>>>>> Now, have some fun with this! 🙂

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Here is the main information that we came up with in class that you’ll need to complete the Assignment for Week 7 in your Section/Lab/Studio (
or, on your own if you are part of last Monday’s Section, as we had to cancel classes that day –
Please keep an eye out for an Announcement concerning that TBA shortly) for the very short, single dialogue scene/act you are to write as your
Script, and to visualize in your accompanying

Genre : : :

Setting : : :

Cecil Hotel

Links to an external site.

in downtown Los Angeles:
> Located in Skid Row
> 1920’s structure
> Used to be a luxury hotel
> Marble lobby with grand staircase and classic wrought iron elevator (Google: “Bradbury Building elevator”, or “Hotel del Coronado elevator” to get an image in your mind of what that could look like)
> In your fictional world, the hotel has been renovated to return it to its former glory (i.e., it is currently not renovated, but that shouldn’t stop us from imagining it so).

Protagonist : : :
> Female / in her early 20’s / of “Euro+Asian American” heritage / Self-assured and generally confident / Professional in the field of Finance / Single / Traveling for business from the East Coast (NYC)

Antagonist : : :
> Ghost / Female / 30 years old (
at time of her death) / of “Euro-American” heritage / Recently married and on her honeymoon at the time of her demise / Even though married, she was already in an unhealthy relationship…(
How did she die? Husband murdered her? Another person at the hotel? Through natural causes? Or, by some freak accident at the hotel?)

Scene to develop : : :
> One Act / Scene
> This will be the first time the Protagonist
(P) runs into the Antagonist
> (P)
feels a cold presence (she could be in the elevator when this happens, and the elevator stops all of a sudden with the lights flickering (!!)…or she could be outside her room’s door, or IN her room, or late-nite in the downstairs bar with nobody but the bartender and herself present, etc etc…let your imaginations run wild!)
(P) hears
(A) whisper something (what is it?!)
(A) calls out
(P)‘s name, which is the same as her’s (!!)
(P) goes by the name of
(A) goes by
Eleanor – a common name for that era
> Not until a bit later (either in this scene or an imaginary future one) does
(A)materialize like a
“regular” ghost

Links to an external site.

, or she could instead be some sort of physical manifestation like

Links to an external site.

> …So, what is the topic of conversation to be between
(P) and
(A)? Will it be rather brief (though, don’t you dare make the exchange only be a couple of lines, otherwise you get ‘F’! Lol), or will it be a rather involved first conversation? Developing this dialogue is a primary goal of the Assignment.

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