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For this milestone paper, create a theme, color, and textile

For this milestone paper, create a theme, color, and textile story for your fashion forecast presentation. This project will be based on the trends that you can source online for fall/winter of this or next year. When creating the theme, color, and textile story, keep in mind the target customer of your fashion company (Nike)

Begin the paper by defining the story’s theme. The theme will become the unifying force of this paper. The best theme will fuse visual and verbal elements together that illustrate the mood or spirit of the story that is being created for a fashion forecast presentation.

This article in the French Vogue has some good examples of theme names that create an image in the minds of readers. For instance, the theme name “Tomboy” tells the reader that women will be wearing menswear-influenced clothing.

The next portion of your paper will describe the relevant information of the color and textile story of the theme.

The last page should include a collage of six colors and four fabrics. You can use the Design Options and Pantone websites for color options.

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