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I need help with my homework Exam Content · Teacher dispositions are the values, attitudes, commitments, and professional ethics that influence a

I need help with my homework

Exam Content

· Teacher dispositions are the values, attitudes, commitments, and professional ethics that influence a teacher’s behaviors toward students, colleagues, families, and communities. Teacher dispositions may be less visible than knowledge and skills; however, they can be considered the most influential quality of highly effective educators. In addition to dispositions, a successful teacher must have effective communication and collaboration skills.

This 2-part assignment provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your own professional dispositions and determine effective communication and collaboration skills for educators.

Complete Parts 1 and 2 below.

Part 1: Professional Dispositions Reflection

Follow these instructions to
access and
review the 18 Supplemental Standards:

· Access the

Teacher Education Handbook

· Access the
Table of Contents on the left side of the screen.

· Select “
Conceptual Framework” and review that section.

· Select “
Professional Expectations.”

· Navigate to the “
Supplemental Standards” and review the 12 standards.

Reflect on your own proficiency within the following areas:

· Professional teacher dispositions

· Communication skills

· Collaboration skills

Write a 1-page reflection in APA format that addresses the following questions:

· Which area do you feel most proficient in? Explain why.

· Which area do you feel least proficient in? Explain why.

· What will you do to address any deficiencies you feel you have?

· What resources are available to help you grow, such as professional organizations, online tools, and so on?

Part 2: Communication and Collaboration Guide

Create a 2-page guide (think infographic) for beginning teachers that addresses professional communication and collaboration in education.

In your guide,
include examples and detailed descriptions for each of the following in relation to teaching:

· Written communication strategies

· Oral communication strategies

· Communication resources

· School-based collaboration examples for:

· Grade-level team

· Child study team

· Professional learning community

· Individual collaborations (e.g., teacher and colleague, teacher and family, and teacher and student)

· Conflict management strategies

Cite a minimum of 2 scholarly sources in APA format to support your assignment.

Format your reflection and citations according to APA guidelines.

Refer to the rubric for assignment expectations.

Submit your assignment as a Word document (not as a link or formatted in another software).



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