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DIRECTIONS: Open the attachment – print it for use. Read all the scenarios. Pick the two “best.” Argue for them using FACTS.

Here is the question you must riddle: WHAT are the best reasons why not to nuke Sparky?

1) MLA heading-style and documentation with annotations and work cited
2) Size-12 Times New Roman Font
3) Two sources –
A) The textbook, Taking Sides: Moral Issues// S. Satris, ed., MacGraw-Hill, 9th Ed., 2003 // ISBN 0072845112 with at least two quotes to back your ideas up ( you may use so other source – online or text – if you find it more suitable), and
B) one source of your choice on emotion or logic – two quotes
4) Begin with abstract: In a text box after heading before the text, list your main theme, then the two main supports for your thematic pondering. After this, flesh the essay out in a typical essay form
5) 500 -1000 words


You should not put Sparky in the microwave because . . .

1. It is unethical to torture a defenseless puppy for personal amusement.
2. Torturing animals will disgust your lover or spouse, and that lover or spouse will probably have nothing to do with you afterwards.
3. Microwaves radically elevate the temperature of biological liquids, including the fluids of the cardiovascular system and the inner-ear canal.
4. Cruelty to animals is a felony in Tennessee, and it could result in a five-to-ten-year prison sentence.
5. You might damage your expensive microwave.
6. You might damage my expensive microwave.
7. Sparky belongs to me.
8. You put the last one in the microwave, and it’s my turn now.
9. Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of war, forbids us to kill one of his holy avatars.
10. You will have to clean the microwave afterward.
11. Sparky is–gosh darn it–too cute for that!
12. Your suggestion that it will dry his coat and get rid of the “wet dog” smell is erroneous.
13. The strong always have an obligation to defend lesser creatures that are weak and helpless.
14. Burritos taste better than puppies when they are reheated.
15. All the food you cook in the microwave will taste like puppy hair afterwards.

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