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In this assignment, you will  develop  and  deliver  a PowerPoint

In this assignment, you will 


 a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the highlights of your Week 6 teaching plan.

Develop: Develop a 5- to 8-minute PowerPoint slide set summarizing the key components of the teaching plan you developed during Week 6

Deliver: Record a video of yourself presenting your summary as if you were live in class.

Assignment Guidelines:

Your mini-presentation should include the following:  

· The subject or topic that you will be teaching

· The level of instruction

· The learning objectives

· A summary of the content

· Teaching strategies and learning activities

· Your evaluation process and the rubric for your chosen assignment

· A visually appealing slide set

· Strong presentation skills that showcase the quality of your work 

*PRO TIP* This activity will simulate a live presentation; it is 
not a narrated PowerPoint. Be sure to use good eye contact, a smile, hand gestures, voice inflections, etc., to demonstrate your teaching presence and connect with your audience.

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