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INSTRUCTION TCAP Component #3: Instructional Unit You are responsible for working with the


TCAP Component #3: Instructional Unit

You are responsible for working with the cooperating/mentor teacher to complete the unit with the students.  It is important to keep the lessons from this unit of study.  The Instructional Unit plan is a complete area of study that you and the cooperating/mentor teacher facilitated in class. You will be able to submit this unit plan in Section 3 of the TCAP portfolio.  It is important to use the Touro Lesson Plan Template 

Lesson Plan Template

 Download Lesson Plan Template
for your Formal Observation.  You 

 include the 5 additional lessons on a template of your choice and include all the required information. 


 THREE (3) days prior to 
Formal Lesson Observation. 


Students Achievement Chart 

 Download Students Achievement Chart
with pre-assessments results 

· Unit of study (5 additional lessons on a template of your choice)

· Completed
 lesson plan 

Lesson Plan Template

Download Lesson Plan Template

Assessment sample (Example completed at proficiency level) and explain the criteria for the assessment

Materials/resources (texts, manipulatives, websites/videos/apps, etc.) being considered for use in the lesson

· Explain 
how and why they will differentiate materials/resources to 
support ALL students in accessing grade-level content

· Explain 
how and why they will 
differentiate assessment(s) by citing evidence from the pre-test

· Explain the ways: student 
cultural heritage and interests are incorporated into the lesson

· Ability to 
articulate areas glow/reinforcement and grow/refinement areas

TCAP Component #3: Instructional Unit

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