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Instructions: Due Tuesday 06/4 Case  Information: Research two famous fraud cases involving Ponzi schemes; one

Instructions: Due Tuesday 06/4


Research two famous fraud cases involving Ponzi schemes; one for Charles Ponzi from the 1920s and the other for Tom Petters. You are going to take on the role of fraud examiner in both of these cases. You will use your research to create one Fraud Examination Report for 
both cases. Be sure to label each section clearly as to the case you are referring to in the report. 

Analysis Requirements:

Based on your readings, current literature, research of the detailed case information, and the Fraud Examiners Manual analyze the cases using the template provided in the 
Appendix (Sample Fraud Examination Reports -Short-From Report) of the manual and be sure to include the following specific items in your report:

· As part of the 
Scope identify and provide specific examples of the criminal and/or civil action that were taken in each of these cases.  Do you think there were additional actions that were not taken that should have been taken in either or both cases?

· As part of the 
Approach discuss the events you would have implemented in these cases leading up to the interview, list 2 questions each you would ask during the initial interview itself to both Charles Ponze and Tom Petters, and what you would have planned for the next interview in both of these cases to ensure a conviction.

· As part of the 
Approach also discuss the standards of evidence needed in each of these cases to obtain a conviction based on your approach leading up to the interview.  Specifically identify how you would obtain the informaiton needed.

· As part of the Findings discuss any similarities between these 2 cases as they relate specifically to securities fraud.  In this section create charts, graphs, or other visual material as if you were presenting this data in court.  

Writing Requirements:

· 3 pages total (not including title page, abstract or reference page) using the template provided in the Appendix

· Proper APA format on citations and sources

· Minimum of 3 scholarly sources not including textbooks (the full cases you researched are appropriate sources)

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