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Instructions:  rely to each peer in 1 paragraph in lengthand supported with at least 1 peer-reviewed reference (scholarly article)  Peer 1 : An issue in

Instructions:  rely to each peer in 1 paragraph in lengthand supported with at least 1 peer-reviewed reference (scholarly article) 

Peer 1 : An issue in the healthcare field of America is long wait time when at the doctors office or hospital. Some of the ways to combat this is through technological advancements. Technology advancements impact the way that healthcare is delivered in hospitals all across the country. Years ago, each chart was completely made of paper, the nurses would chart on paper and there was nothing completed on the computer. Today, this has changed due to the revolution of technology. Technology offers nurses to chart and look up information faster, doctors to communicate results quicker and families to understand the processes in which are taking place. Although technology may seem like a good thing to those who desire change it may not be good for those who do not desire change. Technology advancements must be learned by the provider, nurses and patients to appropriately function as a well-oiled machine. Some technology advancements have been a lifesaver. According to (Junaid, Imam, & Kumar, 2023), “Recent advancements in healthcare delivery have given patients access to advanced personalized healthcare, which has improved their well-being.” Some of the advancements are telehealth, urgent care centers, and patient portals that show lab work and test results.

               Another way technology has advanced through the healthcare industry is through portable ultrasound machines, stethoscopes that record, display heart rhythm through an app on the phone, and vein finders just to name a few. As stated in (Bhatia, 2021), “Appropriate technologies provide solutions to improve healthcare delivery services at an affordable cost.” Technology can make healthcare visits faster, which in turn could save the patient money, and other resources.

               As a nursing leader I would push for the patients who could be downgraded to receive the appropriate downgrade orders to progress care and keep the house moving. If the house does not move it essentially becomes a staff issue from the nit of a particular manager, which is why it is important to communicate. In nursing today, it is important to be able to communicate. Not only do we provide patients with information about signs and symptoms of what they need to be on the lookout for but we are also a patient advocate. Technology in the hospital I work allows us to be able to have cell phones that have hospital staff logged into the phone to make calls easier and communication at the press of a button. With technology though there are periods where it may not work as it should, so having ways that bypass this are essential. Telehealth may not have good communications; technology services must be updated. IN the event that these happen we must have an alternate plan to keep patients healthy and progress their care.

Peer 2: Combatting reporting to work late in nursing affects patient care activities and disturb the planned work schedule, especially shift handovers. The Thesaurus (n.d.), describes the word late as untimely and being untimely in nursing impacts all planned activities of patient care for any shift that will not happen as scheduled. Such a nursing behavior can be seen as a safety issue. Bressan et al. (2019) concerned for patients safety (PS), in a conducted research, found that regular handovers (HO) with the use of technolofy can be useful to having both patients and nurses interaction during change shift can be beneficial to patients safety.

Nurses coming to work late had become a problem on the unit that my preceptor manages. One of the nurses, was habitually late and created a disturbance in the work schedule of the unit and posed a threat to patient safety, in so many ways. Some of the safety issues could have been related to medication errors and missed medications, patients pain level increase, patients dissatisfaction with care received, patients call bell going unanswered, and patients not receiving timely procedures. A myriad of further incidents could have occured, and one of them would have been costly to the hospital as related to payment reimbursement exemplified in American Hospital Association (n.d.) as not being done due to increase in cost of services as seen in cris situation too just like this present pandemic.

My preceptor as a leader had utilized all the steps of Element Leadership described in Grossman and Valiga (2022, p. 27), and the one that stood out the most was her usage of good communication skills during the time the issue persisted on that unit, to help that nurse changed her behavior. Both authors emphasized how communication skills, when used by nurse leaders could effectively promote hope in areas that lack it.

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