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Instructions Please post 2 or more peer responses In the response posts, remember to demonstrate you have read and understood the student’s post by


Please post 2 or more peer responses

In the response posts, remember to demonstrate you have read and understood the student’s post by taking their discussion to the next level through your responses to the following:

Commenting on your peer’s choice of restaurant – would you want to go there?

State why you would (or did) or would not (or did not) enjoy their favorite dish.

Based on their initial post, what other type of cuisine would you recommend they try?

Engage your peer(s) in a way that encourages them to respond to you, which keeps the conversation going.

You will not need research in any of your response posts, but if you choose to, remember to use credible sources and provide in-text citations along with reference entries in APA format.

Estimated time to complete response posts: 2 hours

Response posts are worth 50% of your grade for this discussion. Please review the initial post/response instructions and the rubric for this discussion to ensure that your response meets the criteria.

Zen Zero in Lawerence KS it is just about 15 minutes from where I live at in Kansas now. I haven’t eaten there yet matter of fact we are trying it this weekend. The reason we want to try it is because we are a big noodles and pasta family and at Zen zero, they are known for their curries, noodles, and stir fires along with their Tibetan dumplings which is filled with charred tomatoes and sesame chutney.

There is a difference in the Asian/Eastern cultural cuisines to American style for example Asian cuisines are usually more spicier and bold flavors such as more garlic, ginger, chilies and aromatic herbs. As well as in how they cook it mostly it is steamed, stir fried and wok frying. It is how they bring the natural flavors and texture of the ingredients out and give the food its own flavors. As a dish here in America that is similar but also not the same and that would be Ramen Noodles, so these noodles originated in China but during the WW2 it was very popular in Japen. Ramen noodles are a type of Asian noodle, but at the same time not all noodles are same as Asian noodles.

When it comes to if anyone can make these dishes. Yes, they just have some recipes are easy to make than others. Zen Zero is basically an Easter cultural food and Asian as well. Finding the ingredients you need you can find within your stores some you might have to order but barley is you going to find that you have to order anything. I honestly would go to Zen’s or even just get online and start to look up similar recipes and start there. When it comes to preparing the dishes, I think some of them are really pretty explaining and blunt on how they prepare and then some are a little complicated just as far as the dumplings go and making them. With that said I would be up to learning how they make their meals that is for sure it can’t be that hard it just might sound like it is due to it is from somewhere else and not our normal for us.

I would personally recommend it to rather it is online or in person to family or friends once I tried it. Some friends of my fiancé and I is who recommend us to go there and try the food they love it and go there once a week on a date. So, we are going to give it a try for family day and take all the kids and go and give it a try. Can’t go wrong with noodles or pasta that’s for sure.

The state of Ohio is home to one of the largest Amish populations in the United States, estimated at 81,700. Coming in second to Pennsylvania at 87,000 people. Almost half of the Ohio Amish population resides in Holmes County, Ohio at 39,525. Visiting Holmes County reminds you of what is seen in history books, with horse and buggy, dresses, bonnets, and acres of land. While visiting here, you encounter handmade quilts, hand crafted wood furniture, and delicious Amish food. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, there were many things that I had the ability to try, but when moving to Millersburg, there is nothing like the bakeries that surround the area with homemade goodness.

A favorite restaurant of mine is called “The Berlin Farmstead”, located in Berlin, Ohio. I think that it is my favorite because of the atmosphere, everyone seems to know somebody, you had to pay by cash (they have since gotten credit card readers), and it was always very filling. Anyone can look at the menu and say that it seems like American Southern Cuisine, but growing up in a home that was built on frozen dinners, this is far from that. The servers and staff speak Pennsylvania Dutch, which is a form of high German, I know a select few words to help patients in the hospital that were picked up at the restaurant by talking to people such as (probably won’t be spelled correctly, but by pronunciation) “deef schnafa”, meaning “deep breath”. One that doesn’t pertain to healthcare, but is my favorite word is “muchaschlapa” (again by pronunciation), which means “fly swatter”.

My favorite thing to get at The Farmstead is their broasted chicken, Amish noodles, and dinner rolls (for days). The chicken is fresh, the noodles are freshly made, and the dinner rolls are from scratch. Satisfaction at its finest. For dessert peanut butter pie is the area favorite. Although I do enjoy their dinner, the breakfast is probably my favorite, as they make strawberry stuffed French toast in the summer with fresh strawberries and thick slices of their homemade bread. When you are finished you can purchase bread, baked goods, or donuts to enjoy later, if they make it to later.

The reason why I enjoy this place so much is the freshness of all of the food used to prepare the meal, no matter which meal of the day you come for. They truly spend the time in the kitchen to craft the meals that are part of their culture. Working the fields, harvesting, and caring for their animals. The time spent in creating the meals is something that I was never able to experience as a child, not by my parents, grandparents, and I have not quite mastered the kitchen. Attempting to recreate items from the menu without much success, that would be wonderful, but I do not have the time to prepare everything as fresh as they do. So, I will continue to go to The Farmstead, learn more Pennsylvania Dutch, and eat the Amish Cuisine.

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