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Introduction to Black Studies Karenga text ( Questions: 1. Discuss the

Introduction to Black Studies Karenga text (


1. Discuss the four basic thrusts of the student movement which led to the founding of Black Studies.

2. What were the early academic and political concerns of the advocates of Black Studies?

3. What were the early adjectives of Black Studies?

4. Discuss the arching goals of Black Studies. How do you they relate to and reinforce the triple mission of Black Studies? What do you think are the most important ways Black Studies contributes to redefining the intellectual and social goals of knowledge in a multicultural context?


Use at least 2 outside scholarly resources for your paper, following MLA format.The paper must be at least 4 pages long (1000 words), excluding the cover page and works cited page.A. Include 1 quoted textual reference to the Karenga reading for each question (a minimum total of 4 BOLDFACED marked K#1, K#2, etc).B. Include 1 explicit reference for each question to any in class topic, proverb, movie or reading (excluding the Karenga reading), (a minimum total of 4 BOLDFACEDmarked IC#1, IC#2, etc.).C. Ensure 1 of the 2 Scholarly Resources is quoted in each question (a minimum total of 4 BOLDFACED marked SR#1, SR#2, etc). 

Format Guidelines:

  • Title Page with your selected questions written out.
  • In the paper, explicitly write “Question #X” followed by your research and identifiers included in a few paragraphs.
  • Include a formatted “Works Cited” section.
  • Use BOLDFACED identifiers (e.g., IC#3) at the end of the appropriate sentence in sequence (K#1, K#2, K#3, K#4, IC#1, IC#2, IC#3, IC#4, SR#1, SR#2, SR#3, SR#4, etc.).
  • Ensure the integration of each quote is meaningful.

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