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  It is the foundation of ethical caregiving to respect the patients’ dignity. Healthcare providers must constantly send patients respect and


It is the foundation of ethical caregiving to respect the patients’ dignity. Healthcare providers must constantly send patients respect and appreciation, calling them by their preferred name, looking attentively to their concerns and taking off their cultural and personal likes. The Justification for the disclosure by healthcare providers is that it helps patients take part in making determinations concerning their treatment. The right of patients to get information in an understandable and transparent format concerning their health condition, treatment options, and possible risks is secured. Health care professionals should facilitate smooth communication, giving out the most pertinent information around the intended date and time, answering possible questions, and reassuring patients.

Patient consent, which is informed, is an important aspect of ethical medical practice. Family members can decide on the ill patients’ behalf per their best interest. This component of shared decision-making entails that healthcare providers should confer all essential information about the goal, risks, and benefits of the proposed intervention with patients, giving them the authority to think over their options for their care. Consent and involvement in treatment Decision making are the patients’ main components of patient-centered care (AHA, 2024). Patients are supposed to keep an active role in decisions about what to do to their health care, and they can choose their healthcare providers and treatment options. Doctors and nurses should discuss treatment options with a patient, considering different medical preferences, values, and plans for the health of life.

 Privacy and confidentiality are basic human rights that remain unaltered in counselling and healthcare settings. Patients have complex policies that affect their health constraints and personal lives. The health care team, including the physicians and the nurses, must ensure that the patient’s information is kept safe and confidential, being able to distribute it to authorized persons only for payment, treating the patient or delivering it for the health care operation. Access to Medical Records is vital as patients need such data to track their health and know their illness (AHA, 2024). The patients are entitled to obtain their medical records and make recordings regarding the altering or correcting misleading information.

Complaints resolution is equally an integral part of quality assurance measures, which can be used to resolve customers’ issues and improve the quality of care. Patients can express their issues verbally, complain, or bring their grievances even though they’re sure to face no neglect or biases. Healthcare staff needs to be ready to listen to the patient’s responses; they should treat the therapies they propose as serious work and collaborate to successfully resolve any difficulties or complaints that may arise.


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