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Middle-Range Theories Topic List **Only 7 people per topic**

Middle-Range Theories Topic List

**Only 7 people per topic**


Middle-Range Theory

1. Katherine Kolcaba

Comfort Theory

2. Nola Pender

Health Promotion Model

3. Patricia Benner

Novice to Expert Theory

4. Madeleine Leininger

Culture Care Diversity & Universality Theory (Culture Care Theory)

5. Afaf Meleis

Transitions Theory

6. Elizabeth Lenz & Linda Pugh

Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms

7. Pamela Reed

Theory of Self-Transcendence

8. Merle Mishel

Uncertainty in Illness Theory

9. Donna Wright

Competency Model

10. Barbara Riegel, Tiny Jaarsma, & Anna Strömberg

Self-Care of Chronic Illness Theory

11. June Larrabee

Quality of Nursing Care Theory

(Emerging Model of Quality)

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