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Name_____________________________________________ Date____________________ NUR2488 Mental Health Nursing – SU22

Name_____________________________________________ Date____________________

NUR2488 Mental Health Nursing – SU22

Clinical Community Psychiatric Mental Health Observation

Each student is expected to select a Community Mental Health Observation by discussing the options with their instructor. See page 2. After attending the observation (in person or virtual), submit the Community Mental Health Observation form following your experience by
WK 2 clinical drop box. The observation forms will be evaluated for a pass/fail grade based on including all of the following guidelines below and will be considered into the overall grade the student receives for the clinical experience. Plan: to discuss in your Simulation post-conference w Prof Bowman, your clinical community mental health experience with your other classmates.

The content of each clinical observation should include the following items:

Describe the community mental health support group, event or experience
and goals:

Title ______________________________Date_____ Time_____ Location__________


Your Goals:

Be specific
about the title of the event, where you went, what happened during the experience, what clients you saw, and staff relationship/interaction with client.

Evaluate the overall community mental health clinical experience.

1. What was good about the experience?

1. What was problematic about the experience?

Consider alternative strategies for the situation.

2. What do you think would have made the experience better for you and/or for the group?

2. What other therapeutic approaches or communication could have been used?

Describe how the experience was related to mental health diagnoses? How did it affect the client or family?

How did the clinical mental health experience relate to classroom content/theory?

Any other thoughts or comments about the clinical mental health experience.

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