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No plagiarism and please follow the instructions  Theory Paper Assignment A goal of this course is to connect theory to the real world. None of the

No plagiarism and please follow the instructions 

Theory Paper Assignment

A goal of this course is to connect theory to the real world. None of the theories we have learned about occur in a vacuum, and it is important to understand the policy implications that result from taking a theory and applying it to the real world.

You will choose a theory we have covered (or will cover) and describe the theory in detail. You will then explain some specific policy implications from the theory. Finally, you will find a news article that you feel shows an example of your chosen theory being applied.

The use of any generative Al is considered cheating WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. All papers will be processed by Turnitin upon submission and plagiarism and Al scores will be checked. If your paper is flagged as Al generated you will receive a zero and will be reported for violating the Academic Honesty policy. If you have any questions or concerns about whether a tool you use is considered Al, it is your responsibility to check with me before submission.


The following is a bare bones example of what kind of information would be included in a successful paper. Clearly much more detail is needed, but the main points to be included are below.


Theory Summary

Differential association argues that if an individual associates with more law-breaking individuals than law abiding individuals, they are likely to break laws themselves.

Policy Implications

Crime control policy implications for differential association theory would include providing law-abiding role models for particularly vulnerable kids.

News article

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri needs volunteers due to a growing list of youths wanting to be “littles” but not enough bigs. The article notes that “Research shows similar programs work to better the community as a whole. Studies find kids with mentors are less likely to use illegal drugs, less likely to skip school, and less likely to get in a physical fight” Explaining how the article applies to the theory

Big brothers or sisters represent “definitions for law abiding” which can lead to youths staying away from crime. Providing these positive role models can have a lasting impact on keeping youths from becoming involved with crime.Requirements

Your paper must be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced with 1″ margins.

It is due at midnight on Sunday 4/24, and will be submitted under the assignments tab on icollege There is no minimum page length, but a successful paper likely falls somewhere in the 3-5 page range.


The Theory/Summary

Theoryis fully Theory is

explained, all relevant details are included

mostly explained, most relevant details are included

Theoy s

poorly explained, some relevant details are missing

Theory is not


Policy Implications

Policy implications are fully addressed

Policy implications are mostly addressed

Policy implications are mostly


Policy implications are not


News Article and


News article is relevant, analysis is


News article is relevant, analysis is average

News article is not relevant, analysis is poor

News article is not included


Grammar is correct, no misspelled words

Grammar is mostly correct, few misspelled words

Grammar is correct, some misspelled words

Grammar is poor, many misspelled words

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