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NURS503-Scholarly Application Paper Instructions 

NURS503-Scholarly Application Paper


Scholarly Application Paper 

In this scholarly paper, synthesize and apply the content and knowledge gained in prior weeks and from your discussion posts.  As a graduate nurse, you have advanced knowledge as a leader, educator, or nurse practitioner to understand the informatics and health information technology competencies necessary to promote best practices in HIT, population health outcomes, and support healthcare performance.  

Identify an initiative where informatics, information, and communication technologies can improve healthcare quality or population health outcomes. This can be any technology, from EHR, clinical decision support (CDS), telehealth, POC technology, or emerging technology, where you can use your knowledge to implement an innovative quality improvement to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce health inequities.


Introduction (1-2 paragraphs) 

· Briefly outline the Background of the initiative and the purpose of the paper  

Healthcare Quality Outcomes, Safety, and Informatics (2-4pages)

Informatics Concepts 

· Discuss the role of informatics in the use of epidemiological data to improve patient safety, reduce health disparities, and improve population health outcomes.

· Identify the advanced-level competencies and knowledge of informatics concepts the graduate nurse needs to lead an interprofessional team in using EBP in the application of information and communication technology to support patient safety and population health outcomes.  

Role and Professional Responsibility 

· Identify system improvement strategies to address health inequities and disparities.  Including the graduate nurse’s professional and ethical responsibility in using informatics to identify gaps and inequities in vulnerable populations, including outcome monitoring and evaluation to improve healthcare quality and population health. 

Clinical Workflow Analysis Process and Change Management (2-4pages) 

Health Information Technology (HIT) 

· Identify the benefits of the identified innovative HIT in improving patient safety, healthcare quality, and value-based care. 

· Outline how the graduate nurse will monitor unintended consequences and possible integration challenges with the EHR and other healthcare technology.

Evaluation of Systems Development Life Cycle, Change & Sustainability  

· Describe consumer use of personal healthcare information (PHI) and barriers to access, use, and efficiency. Discuss the role of health inequities and racial disparities in patient use of PHI. 

· Employ ethical and legal principles to:

· Outline a plan for the selection and implementation of the technology. 

· Determine the appropriate information management program to assess and monitor healthcare outcomes. 

· Include a plan to monitor unintended consequences and possible integration challenges with the EHR and other healthcare technology.

Quality Measures, Outcome Management, Regulatory Compliance & Risk (2-4 pages) 

Quality Measures, Outcome Management, Regulatory Compliance & Risk

· Discuss the quality outcomes you will monitor and evaluate.

· Outline evidence-based risk mitigation and security strategies to protect PHI.

· Apply a model or framework from your readings to monitor and prevent unintended consequences.

· Discuss your plan to sustain the change. 


· Summarize the main points

References: Please refer to the APA7th resources for paper guidance. 


The assignment is due


· APA7th required  

· Include the Title Page and 3-4 Scholarly References 

· The minimum word limit is 2000

· The maximum word limit is 2500 

· Not including Title Page and References

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