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Move “Duration” over to the right. Click “OK.” INTERPRETATION OF SPSS OUTPUT The following tables are generated from SPSS. The fi rst set of tables (from the fi rst set of SPSS commands in Step 1) contains the frequencies of race/ethnicity and gender. Most (70%) were Caucasian, and 100% were female. Frequencies Frequency Table RaceEthnicityFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidBlack, not of Hispanic Origin330.030.030.0Caucasian770.070.0100.0Total10100.0100.0GenderFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidF10100.0100.0100.0 300EXERCISE 27 • Calculating Descriptive StatisticsCopyright © 2017, Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. DescriptivesStatisticStd. ErrorDuration of Biologic Use1.890.3860Lower Bound1.017Upper Bound2.7631.8721.7501.4901.2206. Confidence Interval for Mean 5% Trimmed MeanMedianVarianceStd. DeviationMinimumMaximumRangeInterquartile RangeSkewnessKurtosis The second set of output (from the second set of SPSS commands in Step 2) contains the descriptive statistics for “Duration,” including the mean, s (standard deviation), SE , 95% confi dence interval for the mean, median, variance, minimum value, maximum value, range, and skewness and kurtosis statistics. As shown in the output, mean number of years for duration is 1.89, and the SD is 1.22. The 95% CI is 1.02–2.76. Explore 301Calculating Descriptive Statistics • EXERCISE 27Copyright © 2017, Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. STUDY QUESTIONS 1. Defi ne mean. 2. What does this symbol, s 2 , represent? 3. Defi ne outlier. 4. Are there any outliers among the values representing duration of biologic use? 5. How would you interpret the 95% confi dence interval for the mean of duration of biologic use? 6. What percentage of patients were Black, not of Hispanic origin? 7. Can you compute the variance for duration of biologic use by using the information presented in the SPSS output above?

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