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Part A

Identifying Quality Early Childhood Programs

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Early childhood programs aim to improve outcomes
for young
children and their families by offering support services such as child health and development assessments,
early education and care, referral to community resources, and more.

The Assignment

Assignment: Develop a powerpoint presentation to help families identify quality features in their search for an early childhood program. Include several (3) websites where families can locate additional imformation. 

1: Prepare a powerpoint presentation that you would use in a parent night event at your childcare center.

2; You will create 7-10 slides with information about how parents can find quality childcare for their children. 

3: Use your textbook and google searches on how quality is defined, what features distinguish a high quality program , what is the qualtiy rating scale in your state, what are the qualfications for a director and a lead teacher in your state, what websites can parents look at to find childcare in your state and any other pieces of information you think a parent would need to be armed with to make the all crucial decision to place their child in a childcare center. 

4: Ensure that your powerpoint is engaging and lively. You want to make sure that parents have what they need to make an informed decision about childcare for their children.

Grading Criteria

Maximum points are given when:

– Detailed description of each question above on finding quality childcare (15 points for each item) 

– Must have at least 7 slides (10 points)

– Powerpoint slides need to be colorful, engaging and lively (5 points)

– Points are deducted for errors in spelling and grammar. Also noted is clarity of the submission and students comprehension of the content. (10 points)

Part B

Mod 8 Breaking the Social Norms

Sometimes You Gotta Break the Rules

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Social norms are the invisible glue that keeps societies together. As implicit rules for social behavior, norms are really only noticed when they are violated. This assignment asks you to do just that: Break a social norm that everyone typically obeys.

Observe a variety of social norms in action for a few days, then choose one to violate. You should 
break the norm several times, rather than once, and in a 
variety of settings involving 
different people
Examples of some norm violations are: sitting right next to a stranger in an otherwise empty movie theater; violating gender roles, such as a woman opening a door for a man; raising both hands simultaneously to ask a professor a question; looking at other riders rather than the floor numbers in an elevator; singing out loud in public; taking more than the maximum number of items to the grocery express check-out lane; imposing on someone’s personal space; being excessively helpful or excessively difficult in response to a stranger’s simple request.


           Let’s be clear about some 

ground rules

First, you should not do anything illegal, unethical, dangerous, or obnoxious. Pointless pranks that waste other people’s time or money, or that might be threatening to others, are not allowed. 
Second, you should have a clear definition of what the norm is, and how your behavior would violate it. There are lots of bizarre behaviors you could perform, but many of them would not violate any implicit social rule. 
Third, you may want to run your ideas by me before you engage in the behavior to get an objective opinion about the first two points.

Write a response to the following questions:

1) Give a clear definition of what the norm is and how your behavior violated it.

2) How did you feel as you broke the norm?

3) What were the reactions of other people as you broke the norm?

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