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please see attachment HIS 111 Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present Instructor: Heather Davison Paper One Assignment Due Date: Thursday,

please see attachment

HIS 111 Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present
Instructor: Heather Davison
Paper One Assignment

Due Date: Thursday, April 18 by 11:59 PM on MyHills. If you are having trouble
getting your work done on time, please contact me. You’re welcome to submit early.

The Assignment:
Choose ONE document from the list below and respond to the question on the next
page. This should be the same primary source you chose for PSA 1.

The Primary Source Documents (Choose only ONE):

Topic Primary Source

1 Napoleonic

“An Ordinary Soldier’s Account”

2 Industrial

Friedrich Engels “Industrial Manchester”

3 Industrial

Women Miners in the English Coal Pits

cw: This document has veiled references to sexual harassment/assault

4 19th-Century
Public Health

Florence Nightingale, “Rural Hygiene”

5 Imperialism Excerpts from The Complete Indian Housekeeper (1888)
(PDF on MyHills)

6 C19 Anti-

Mary Antin, “A Little Jewish Girl in the Russian Pale”

Note: If you are choosing Primary 7 or 8, you may hold off until April 17 to finish up
11 on your worksheet, because that week we’ll be covering WWI. If you need more
time to complete your paper, you must contact me for an extension.
7 World War I Naomi Laughnan, “Genteel Women in the Factories”

(PDF on MyHills)

8 World War I Letters from The Christmas Truce
(PDF on MyHills)

Note: You must choose from these options unless you consult with me. I would be
happy to help you find a different primary source more aligned with your interests.
Failure to do so will result in a grade penalty. Do not use outside sources. Use only
the textbook, lectures and the primary source. History classes help practice the skill of
organizing and categorizing large amounts of information.

The Question:
What does the document reveal about life at the time it was written? Aim for two or
three observations and use specific evidence from the document.

The idea behind this assignment is to take a primary source document and put it in its
historical context using the course materials. You’re showing that you can organize all
the information and apply what you’ve learned.

Don’t forget the resources available at IHCC’s SUCCESS Center. They have a computer
lab and tutoring services are also available.
See for details. Online tutoring is
available through the NetTutor link on our course home page.

Your paper should be 600-800 words typed and double-spaced with one-inch margins
in 12-point Times font. These are not research papers; use only the course materials to
complete the assignment. I provide general guidelines for writing papers on MyHills. I
will use these guidelines when grading your papers. Make sure you have read and
understood both of these handouts before you begin writing. If you have any
questions, it is your responsibility to contact me.

Submitting Papers:
Unless you have made a previous arrangement with me in writing (by email) at least
one day before the due date, I will consider papers late after 11:59 PM on Thursday,
April 18. Your paper must be submitted electronically via the Turnitin dropbox on
MyHills. You are responsible for ensuring your paper is submitted properly. Always
double check electronic submissions. You should be checking your originality report,
anyway, so you’ll know if it’s been submitted properly. Ignorance of proper submission
procedures is not a valid excuse for a late paper. I provide Turnitin instructions on

Using the PSA Worksheet to outline your paper:
Questions 1-7 are roughly the kind of information you’d put in the intro paragraph.
Questions 8 – 10 can form the root of each of your body paragraphs. Questions 11 and
12 are things to consider for the conclusion paragraph. Submit your PSA 1 worksheet
on one of the primary sources listed, then use it to write your paper. See MyHills for a
blank PSA worksheet.

Remember, you must use your course materials. These are not research papers. Cite
any page numbers from the textbook. Cite course notes by topic or date. You should not
use any internet tools, including generative AI or AI-editing software. If you need
editing help, come to me, the Success Center Writing Tutors, or NetTutor on our course

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