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please see attachment Your final project is a culmination of activities you have been working on during class. The main objective of this final

please see attachment

Your final project is a culmination of activities you have been working on during class. The main objective of this final assignment is to teach what you have learned about the Hospitality Management industry – specifically careers available, skills and knowledge necessary, and how to identify issues that are affecting the industry.

You will be choosing one segment of the Hospitality Industry. Choose the one in which you are most interested in pursuing a career, because you will be identifying a career goal.

The following is a list of topical slides that should be included in your presentation. The overall presentation should be narrated and your voice recorded and you will need to include a word document that is a “script” or narration of your presentation (i.e. what you are saying in your presentation, broken down by slide number). You should not simply read what is on the slide – your slides should not be “wordy”, but should be visually appealing and relevant to the topic you are addressing. You will be attaching your narrated powerpoint presentation as well as a word document of your script. (2 attachments)

Slide 1 – Title slide –
just introduce yourself and the topic

Slide 2 – Industry Segment –
Provide a definition of the industry segment that interests you most, presumably the one in which you will pursue a career. This may be foodservice, lodging, travel & tourism, event planning or a segment like recreation or casinos. The definition of the industry segment should be in your own words, but you will be including a reference that you used to help form that definition. This source should be from the Trefry library and this slide should include an APA formatted reference for that source on the bottom of the slide. You may use a source that you identified in your Week 2 Assignment submission – just be sure to apply any corrections to format that you may have received on your feedback. This source needs to be an academic source – a peer-reviewed journal or a textbook. This should not be a wiki page or an internet source.

Slide 3 – Career Goal –
Describe your dream position within that industry segment and the steps you will have to take to achieve that position. This goes back to your work on your Week 4 Assignment. Describe the steps you will need to take to become qualified for that position – in terms of education and experience.

Slide 4 – Industry Issue –
Using an industry association source (such as the National Restaurant Association, the American Hotel & Lodging Association, U.S. Travel Association, The Events Industry Council, etc.) and their data, legislative issues page, or current issues page – identify one major industry issue that is currently having an impact on the state of the industry and beyond just the industry (economy, environment, security, etc.). Include a link to the page you used as a reference – this does NOT have to be APA formatted. In your narration (and script), summarize the issue, the stance the organization is taking on the issue, and what it means for the future of the industry. You may use an issue you identified in your Week 6 Assignment.

Slide 5 – Summary and the Future –
Wrap up your presentation with a summary of how you will utilize your particular skills and talents – and your personality traits identified early in class – to help you advance in your hospitality career and solve issues such as the one identified in this project.

Be sure you are submitting both your narrated recorded PowerPoint presentation AND your written script as a word document. This means there will be two attachments.

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