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Please see the attached document for an overview and specific instructions for related questions. Case Study

Please see the attached document for an overview and specific instructions for related questions.

Case Study

Chloe is a 33-year-old woman who recently moved back in with her father after her fiancée was killed in a car accident six months ago. She had dated her fiancée for five years, and they had been engaged for the past year. They were going to get married next year in December, and they had started making their wedding arrangements when the accident happened. She states that she vividly remembers the phone call she received at work telling her that her fiancée had been in an accident. She stated that no matter how hard she tries to forget, she frequently relives that phone call and hears the hospital nurse on the phone. Since the accident, Chloe has had restless nights and claims to have nightmares about the phone call almost every night. Chloe had to quit her job because she reported having panic attacks every time she had to sit in the office where she received the phone call. The few times that she attempted to return to work were unbearable for her, and she had to go home early. Chloe reports that she is normally an outgoing, fun-loving girl. Chloe was the head of her class in school, and valedictorian when she went to college. She reports becoming withdrawn and jumpy, and her family says that she is irritable since her fiancée’s death. She has stopped working out, she does not meet with her friends any more, and her father worries that she is detached and emotionally flat. Chloe states that she knows she is depressed and has been since her fiancée was killed six months ago. She reports having no appetite and has lost a significant amount of weight over the past few weeks. Chloe noted that she was going to the company counselor before coming to you for counseling. She liked the company counselor, but since she quit her job due to the feelings of anxiety, she is no longer able to see that counselor. Chloe signs a release of information for you to receive information from her previous counselor. The previous counselor sends her records over for you to review. All of the history Chloe has given you is in the documentation from the previous counselor. The previous counselor diagnosed Chloe with major depressive disorder.


Reaching a diagnosis is more than just saying “This is the diagnosis.” It is also important to justify why you believe it is the appropriate diagnosis. Consider the following questions to support your justification as it will help in completing this journal:

I. What are the symptoms that you are either seeing yourself or hearing about from the client that supports the diagnosis?

II. If you are sent a client from another professional, can you identify why the client was given a diagnosis?

Specifically, the following critical elements should be addressed:

1. Write a
justification for the diagnosis of major depressive disorder given to Chloe by her previous counselor.

2. Provide the
overall descriptor of your diagnosis, justify it with reference to
DSM-5 and include
the codes you would use to support it.

3. Outline the
criteria that must be met for the diagnosis and reference DSM-5 and related code(s).

4. Describe which
client behaviors are being used to meet the diagnostic criteria.

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