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Problem Set #5 Attached Files:  RACI Chart – Types of Cost Exercise.docx RACI Chart – Types of Cost Exercise.docx – Alternative Formats (24.276

Problem Set #5

Attached Files:

RACI Chart and Types of Costs ExerciseFor Week 5 you will continue to develop your project documentation by completing a RACI chart based upon your Business Case. The first part of the exercise will be to fill in the chart provided within the RACI template provided. This should be completed for all six (6)  Deliverables for your six (6) key and internal stakeholders you identified in your Stakeholder Register Problem Set.The second part of the exercise will be to complete the Types of Costs analysis. Instructions are in the attached document.The should be submitted using the template provided. You may delete the instructions if you prefer but you must submit using the template.

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