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PSY 630 Week 1 – Quiz

Question 11 pts
Cell bodies of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine (NE. originate from the _____; its precursor (that is, the chemical from which it is directly converted. is _____.
midbrain; l-dopa
midbrain; dopamine
locus coeruleus; l-dopa
locus coeruleus; dopamine

Flag this QuestionQuestion 21 pts
Administration of the psychedelic drug scopolamine results in:
blockade of postsynaptic ACh receptors.
increased degradation of ACh.
decreased synthesis of ACh.
increased levels of ACh.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 31 pts
Jerri is being hired by a large multinational company. They are likely to request a sample of ______ to test for drug use because it is a convenient means of detecting drug metabolites.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 41 pts
“Biotransformation” is carried out by the following organ: _____.  It usually involves making a drug _____ water soluble. The increased ability of this organ to carry out biotransformation after repeated exposure to a drug is termed _____ tolerance. The increased ability of this organ to biotransform drugs other than the one administered previously is termed _____.
small intestine; more; metabolic; cross-tolerance
kidneys; less; metabolic; cellular-adaptive
liver; less; pharmacodynamic; cross-tolerance
liver; more; metabolic; cross-tolerance

Flag this QuestionQuestion 51 pts
Drugs that block the action of presynaptic carrier proteins would be expected to ______ the level of neurotransmitter in the synapse ; drugs that facilitate the action of presynaptic carrier proteins would be expected to _____ the level of neurotransmitter in the synapse _____.
decrease; decrease
increase; increase
increase; decrease
decrease; increase

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