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PSYC 421 Quiz 2


1. What does the “tail” of a normal distribution refer to?

2. T score is to 50 as:

3. The coefficient of determination is calculated by

4. Imtiaz et al. (2016) studied the relationship between cannabis use and physical health. Colin (2015) studied the correlates of police use of force. The two studies had something in common; it was the fact that they both

5. Which of the following is an advantage of the stanine score over other standard scores?

6. Which statement is TRUE concerning a coefficient of correlation?

7. The correlation coefficient of choice when both sets of measurements are in rank-order form and when fewer than 30 pairs of measurements are involved is

8. What is the correlation coefficient of choice when two variables are ordinal?

9. Graphed data details the relationship of time spent studying for a midterm examination and final grade on that test. An outlier indicates that one student spent many hours spent studying but failed the examination. This leaves the professor wondering:

10. Today, when someone tells you what their recently measured “IQ” is, the value quoted is most likely

11. In a scale used in a psychology experiment, a value of “1” is assigned to subjects with black hair, and a value of “2” is assigned to subjects with blonde hair. The type of scale used in this experiment is:

12. Which is NOT a part of the formula for calculating a standard deviation?

13. Which statistic conveys the LEAST precise measure of dispersion?

14. According to your textbook, psychological traits

15. In general, criterion-referenced testing

16. Although the question “Is this test fair?” is frequently raised, the underlying and more pertinent moral question is,

17. A basic assumption of all scaling is that

18. Fixed reference group scoring systems typically

19. A correlation coefficient is equal to .30. Using the coefficient of determination, the variance accounted for by chance, error, and other unexplained factors is

20. When two tests are normed on the same sample, it is referred to as

21. According to Chapter 4 of your text, which of the following statements is NOT true?

22. Which is the MOST appropriate application of a criterion-referenced test?

23. When “putting tests to the test” and researching the validity of a particular instrument for a particular purpose, test users

24. When “putting a test to the test” and researching the reliability of a particular instrument such as the Bricklin Perceptual Scales, test users will

25. A norm group is a group of testtakers


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