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PSYC 421 Quiz 7


1. Consider the following sample item on a personality test:
Instructions: Which statement describes you better?
(A) I am unhappy too much of the time.
(B) I am nervous too much of the time.
This item is an example of which type of item format?

2. The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16 PF) contains 16 factors developed through factor analysis. There is, however, controversy about the number of factors that are “really” evident in this test. According to your textbook, most theorists who argue that there are not 16 factors on the 16 PF believe that

3. According to Dr. Rick Malone, which is true about Meloy’s (2000) biopsychosocial (BPS) model?

4. The assumption that a constellation of traits and states may be used to identify a particular category of personality is inherent in

5. A woman who states as a fact that she “wears too many hats” in her daily life might BEST be characterized as

6. A key definitional difference between the terms personality trait and personality state has to do with

7. For Colonel Rick Malone, the practice of threat assessment entails, among other things, the gathering of intelligence designed to protect senior Department of Defense officials who are referred to as “principals.”

8. In the Karisoke study of gorilla personality, inter-rater reliability was found to be ________ among the ________ raters.

9. The Self-Directed Search Tests are based on six personality

10. Who typically serves as the informant when the Personality Inventory for Children II (PIC-II) is administered?

11. The MMPI-A may be criticized for its lack of

12. Rating scales may be used to

13. Which of the following BEST represents your textbook authors’ definition of personality?

14. As a result of self-monitoring her food intake a former client of Weight Watchers finds that her food intake habits have improved. This phenomenon could BEST be cited as an example of

15. The oracle-like, clinical orientation has been characterized as the third ear approach. According to your textbook, this orientation has been replaced by what might be termed

16. When interpretations about personality are derived from analysis of figure drawings

17. In 1907, an early study using pictures as projective stimuli for storytelling found differences as a function of

18. The utility of self-reports and self-monitoring is to some extent dependent on

19. In recent years, projective tests have

20. The polygraph

21. Which of the following is NOT an unobtrusive measure?

22. An early projective test used ________ as projective stimuli.

23. According to Emanuel Hammer, people project their self-image or self-concept in

24. Debate over the validity of the Rorschach has stemmed from inconclusive results of research examining

25. The use of projective tests minimizes


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